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06 July 2022 20: 15
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Novinsky refused the mandate of the people's deputy to serve the church and restore temples

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture told about the "historic" meeting of representatives of the OCU and the UOC, although the latter deny that they participated in the event.

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Novinsky refused the mandate of the people's deputy to serve the church and restore temples

Businessman and politician Vadim Novinsky decided to resign as a People's Deputy of Ukraine. He wrote about this on his page in Facebook.

Now there is no time for politics - time and circumstances dictate other priorities

People's Deputy said that he was elected in The Verkhovna Rada Inhabitants Mariupol. And now, when the city is under occupation, he decided to resign his mandate and deal with humanitarian issues.

"In 2019, I was trusted by the voters of the city of Mariupol, whose interests I represented in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for 3 years. It was a fruitful time of joint work. Together with the city authorities of the city of Mariupol, we implemented many projects that required legislative support and well-coordinated interaction with the government. And we succeeded. Mariupol became one of the centers of growth in Ukraine, an example of self-government, and a city with a high standard of living. It was a real example of what the whole peaceful Donbass could have become. If not for the war ... Much of this what was done was destroyed by the war. A significant part of my voters were forced to leave their hometown"Novinsky said.

He also noted that throughout this time he has been and continues to deal with the problems of citizens, victims of hostilities, – and not only Mariupol residents.

According to the politician, initiated by him Foundation in honor of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos sent to Mariupol and other settlements of Ukraine humanitarian aid and medicines - and acted in this case together with Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

"In the new dramatic circumstances that have arisen after the occupation of Mariupol, I believe that I will be more effective not in politics, but in humanitarian, social, industrial and economic activities. Now, frankly, it’s not up to politics - time and circumstances dictate other priorities. I decided to resign People's Deputy of Ukraine and focus on humanitarian projects, the development of the national economy, the service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the restoration of destroyed churches", - wrote the People's Deputy.

Novinsky attached to his post a copy of the application for the resignation of deputy powers.

Novinsky refused the mandate of the people's deputy to serve the church and restore temples - photo 1

Recall that Vadim Novinsky с 2008 yearswhen he was still Russian citizen, repeatedly appeared in the lists the richest people in Ukraine. In 2012 he took 2 place with a condition assessment of about 4,4 billion dollars. In the same year, he received Ukrainian citizenship by decree of the then President Viktor Yanukovych.

Vadim Novinsky at early parliamentary elections 2019 years passed to the Verkhovna Rada as a self-nominated candidate in the majority constituency No. 57 - Mariupol. In the past member of the Opposition Bloc party, even earlier - member of the Party of Regions. He was a people's deputy of several convocations.

Novinsky is the founder of the financial and industrial group "Smart Holding" and the owner of the company's blocking package "Metinvest".

Novinsky is also philanthropist and protodeacon of the UOC-MP. He created a charitable foundation "In honor of the protection of the Most Holy Theotokos".

A mysterious meeting of representatives of the OCU and the UOC, participation in which the Ukrainian Orthodox Church denies

Meanwhile, the minister of culture Alexander Tkachenko reported in his Facebook, that representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine met today to bridge their differences. The meeting was held in Sofia Kievskaya. The minister calls it "historical" and assures that "the ice has broken."

"Overcoming division, serving the people of Ukraine and building our common home are our common goals. I believe that this meeting is the beginning of a new, wise, strong path for our Churches for the free and peaceful future of Ukraine"the minister wrote.

Novinsky refused the mandate of the people's deputy to serve the church and restore temples - photo 2

Tkachenko did not tell the truth about the results of the meeting.

But representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church say they did not participate in the event, which was announced by the Minister of Culture. Said this in a comment. Telegram channel Klymenko Time Head of the Synodal Information and Education Department of the UOC Metropolitan of Nizhyn and Prilutsk Kliment.

"The Ukrainian Orthodox Church did not delegate its representatives to this event organized by the Ministry of Culture", - he said.

So who was present at this meeting and what exactly was discussed remains a mystery.

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