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25 July 2022 19: 02

A new wave of COVID, or a convenient excuse to return Ukrainian refugees home

Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, everyone forgot about the pandemic, but in the middle of summer, she suddenly decided to remind herself, reports of an increase in the incidence of coronavirus are recorded around the world.

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A new wave of COVID, or a convenient excuse to return Ukrainian refugees home

Five months later wars in Ukraine, among reports from the front and forecasts regarding the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, as well as statements related to the energy and food crisis, forgotten for all this time began to appear in the media covid reports. And, alas, they are far from rosy.

Alert messages around the world

The largest increase in the incidence COVID-19 observed on Middle east. And in the United States, there is a doubling increase in hospitalization of people with coronavirus infection, and the number of people who got into intensive care with covid increased by 22%, reports The Insider. Also the incidence increased by a third in Europe.

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This looks like epidemic situation on coronavirus in Europe to date. Orange circles - represent new cases in the last 14 days. The incidence is indicated in colors from dark blue (high score) to light yellow (low rate).

"New waves of the virus once again demonstrate that Covid-19 is far from over," - said the head of WHO Tedros Ghebreyesus. He noted that many countries cannot cope with the burden of hospitalization of patients in an acute form and the treatment of post-COVID complications.

In Germany, respirators are now mandatory in transport, but there are plans to return to masks in all closed public places. In German hospitals now from 60 to 80% patients who test positive for coronavirus. And in Italy, the mask mode in transport has been extended until the end of September.

Sound the alarm in Switzerland, where the Federal Council with April 1 2022 years canceled all sanitary measures. And, after three months of continuous decline in the number of new infections this figure is on the rise again., writes Swissinfo.

A new wave of COVID, or a convenient reason to return Ukrainian refugees home - photo 2

According to the Executive Director of the WHO Emergency Program Dr. Michael Ryan, growth is mainly due to strains of "omicron" BA.4 and BA.5. Their peculiarity is that they have the ability to infect people who have even recently been ill with other variants of "omicron".

"We have a lot of evidence that people who are already infected with omicron are also infected with the BA.5 variant.", - told the agency to Reuters American virologist Gregory Poland.

A new wave of coronavirus was reported and European Medicines Agency (EMA), writes the news agency Anadolu.

It is noted that in early July, the head of the EMA Department of Health Threats and Vaccination Strategy Marco Cavalieri said a new wave of coronavirus swept many European countries. And, in his opinion, the options BA.4 and BA.5 omicron strain will become dominant in European countries, and by the end of July will crowd out all other options.

They talk about a significant deterioration in statistics on covid in Ukraine. So in the capital over the past week, COVID-19 fell ill twice as many people as a week earlier.

In total, 11 cases of the disease were registered from July 17 to 112, and already 18 from July 24 to 245, reported Director of the Health Department of the KSCA Valentina Ginzburg. The number of people requiring hospitalization is also on the rise, she said, indicating an increase in severe cases of coronavirus.

Cui prodest - who benefits

But, it is worth noting that despite the anxiety of the situationbased on all these messages, few people say on the return of covid restrictions, and recalling security measures, it is said, in most cases, about vaccinations. This may also indicate that during the shift of attention to the war in Ukraine, the pharmaceutical companies got a little bored, as vaccine stocks remain unused and new orders are not received in the volume that we would like.

In addition, about the gradual the return of the epidemic they started talking in the middle of summer, and not with the beginning of a seasonal surge in the incidence - in the fall, which would be more logical. And here it can be assumed that lifting of quarantine restrictions, including at the borders, was premature, and in worries about the energy and food crisis, everyone forgot about precautions, social distance and hand washing, which caused a new off-season wave of increase in incidence.

But, if you think about it, to whom, except for pharmacological campaigns may be on hand a new surge of covid is now in an already difficult situation with the economy in the world, so this is Europe, which has been taking refugees from Ukraine and who has repeatedly stated that unable to cope with the burden.

For European countries new COVID outbreak can become a kind of "lifeline", which, firstly, will reduce the number of Ukrainians still arriving, and secondly, will help to reduce the number of refugees from Ukraine in the countries.

For example, in the Czech Republic on July 25 the right of Ukrainian refugees to health insurance has endedpaid by the state by default. Writes about it Radio Prague International. It is noted that now refugees aged 18 to 65 are required to report who will pay for health insurance.

Perhaps in the near future we will see messages on the return of covid restrictions to some European borders, which can also be an argument in favor of this version.

Earlier we talked about the fact that Ukrainian refugees on the borders of the EU difficulties may awaitHowever, they are not yet associated with the coronavirus.

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