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01 February 2021 19: 26
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New session of the Verkhovna Rada: experts make forecasts

The Rada closed the next session and on February 2 opens a new one. Political scientists have already discussed priorities and expressed their forecasts regarding new appointments and adopted laws.

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New session of the Verkhovna Rada: experts make forecasts

This week, on February 2, the Verkhovna Rada opens a new session and closes the previous one. According to colleagues, Poroshenko's office is preparing an attack on the referendum bill for the first plenary week of the Rada. Let's add that, in addition, we should probably expect attacks on this bill from the side of the Soros. Exactly with the same messages they will say that passing a law on a referendum is "zrada" and the implementation of the Kremlin's plan. Also on the agenda, we think will be unresolved question with Vitrenko, tariff history, SaveFOP, "Big Construction" President and much more.

Isn't this a reason to ask experts about forecasts, what will be the priority on the agenda in parliament?

Andrei Bodrov, political strategist: “All the main pitfalls will be behind the scenes. And it seems to me that the agenda will be adjusted and differ from the previous one. The Rada will extinguish all discontent, which was facilitated by the clumsy actions of the Cabinet of Ministers and single players in the SN. Other political forces will play on this, relying on the sensational decline in the rating the president and the majority."

Bodrov also added that some deputies will start migrating to one faction or another. Someone in the wake of Joe Baidan coming to power will go to the so-called "Soros". Others will leave, relying on large infusions of Medvedchuk and Akhmetov. And the main task at Bankova will be to keep the situation in every possible way.

"As for the situation with and about. energy minister Yuri VitrnekoIt seems to me that this once again proves the existence of behind-the-scenes wars and agreements. We see the clear position of the president, who wants his appointment, and we see the response of the opposition, which is lobbying for it. But let's be open, if the president really wanted to see Vitrenko in this position, then he would. And I'm sure Vitrenko comes to the Cabinet to take the place of prime minister. As they say, through thorns to the stars. But let's see what happens next."

Andriy Kucher - political expert: "If we are talking about the influence of the mono-majority, then this faction will increasingly move into a state of turbulence. There are a lot of groups of influence that have their own interest both in the Verkhovna Rada and in legislative activity."

As for the effectiveness of the faction, Kucher is sure that there is a specific list of questions when deputies of the Council of Ministers bargain and where they vote synchronously.

"Most of the Servant deputies listen to the president. Proof of this is Zelensky's bill on referendum, where the faction supported by a majority of votes. The president's word is the last word on the faction's effectiveness, I think."

Also, according to him, now Speaker of the Rada Dmitriy Razumkov claims a separate role.

Indeed, today Razumkov's video, with the release of which, as we believe, he enters a new political status for himself, did not go unnoticed. There has been more talk about presidential ambitions, and the Telegram channels of the President's Office are still reacting with restraint, but they are already launching information that Razumkov is preparing to launch his political force. They even write draft titles. Apparently, in order to show the speaker that his movements are under observation.

Also, today the head of the Rada publicly opposed the idea of ​​the head of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG Leonid Kravchuk to hold a referendum on Crimea and Donbass. He indicated that both Crimea and Donbass are 100% Ukrainian territories that will return sooner or later. Like, it makes no sense to ask here about something. And billions of hryvnias are needed to hold a referendum.

“Now, as I see it, Razumkov is behaving rather quietly, in contrast to other groups, the influence of a mono-majority, but he will certainly soon enter the arena as the main player in parliament", - Kucher says.

Alexey Kalinichenko, political expert spoke about the upcoming rallies in the communal apartment. According to him, it is necessary to look at how people will react to new lightweight rates. The Rada will build on this and make appropriate decisions. While actions in Ukraine continue. They are just pointy and not particularly highlighted in the media.

“Be that as it may, when we discuss the behavior of our deputies, we are trying to assess their alleged independence. But this is not in sight. Everything that happens in our circuit is a consequence of external influence. This proves Putin's speech and the theme of the States, which is just starting to gain momentum, as Biden I haven't talked to Zelensky yet. Not yet evening. And all this tells me personally that Ukraine is on the verge of serious things."

On new organ of the BEB Bodrov is sure that by cutting off one monster, we create a new one: "The same people will simply relocate to a newly created body and nothing will change. For businesses, only the plate where entrepreneurs will enter will change. The price tags will remain the same for them, since there is nowhere else to take."

What law on democracy through a referendum, according to expert Bodrov, it looks more like a promise of an election campaign than a real solution to some problems.

"It does not contain instruments of influence on regional policy. This discussion is about how our ships plied the expanses of the universe. This is a rattle that was put forward to the forefront, they say, look at how we work. I doubt that something will change and Ukrainians will feel improvements on ourselves. Quite the contrary. And we will see a similar reaction as FLP to cash registers."

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