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14 December 2022 08: 58
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Neither register nor restore your account: Elon Musk has closed the ability to use Twitter with a Ukrainian mobile number

Musk said that Trump was blocked on the social network under pressure, and in the United States they want to ban TikTok.

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Neither register nor restore your account: Elon Musk has closed the ability to use Twitter with a Ukrainian mobile number

After Ilon Mask acquired Twitter, he began to introduce various changes in social networks - and one of them directly affected the Ukrainians.

On December 13, Ukrainians discovered that on Twitter impossible register with a Ukrainian mobile number starting with "+380" - the code of Ukraine is simply not in the list of numbers during registration. At the same time, the opportunity to register from a Russian number has been preserved.

Neither register nor restore your account: Elon Musk closed the ability to use Twitter with a Ukrainian mobile number - photo 1

The editors of Klymenko Time checked the possibility of recovering a password and using two-factor authentication in a Twitter account by sending a code to a Ukrainian mobile number in a previously registered account - the functions also became unavailable.

Musk was contacted via Twitter asking why this happened, but he has not yet commented on the situation.

Earlier, the businessman said that he had prepared a “surprise for bots”, after which the company blocked all traffic of about 30 mobile operators, and most of all in the Asia-Pacific region. A few days later, most of the operators were unblocked and the blocking was allegedly explained by problems after changing the routing configuration, but this did not affect Ukrainian numbers. Initially, this was done to limit spam on the social network. As you can see, the company decided to take a simpler path and simply blocked the mobile operators from which supposedly there were the most spam messages.

Social network users did not consider the incident a mistake and noted that the blocking of Ukrainian numbers may be the result of Musk’s resentment towards Ukrainians, who had previously actively criticized his position on the war, which we talked about in more detail. in the link material.

Recall that Musk also allowed the possibility of blocking Twitter in the EU if they do not follow the rules of content moderation.

Trump was blocked under pressure

Elon Musk, who, after acquiring Twitter, fired a significant part of the social network team and unbanned many accounts previously banned there, said that the ex-US President Donald Trump did not violate the community rules, and his account was blocked “due to pressure”.

“Under pressure from hundreds of employee activists, Twitter deplatformed Trump, the current president of the United States, although they themselves admitted that he did not violate the rules”- wrote he.

Neither register nor restore your account: Elon Musk closed the ability to use Twitter with a Ukrainian mobile number - photo 2

Musk also announced that in a few months the social network will remove all blue checkmarks denoting official accounts, since the way in which they were issued was allegedly "corrupt and senseless". Prior to this, Musk announced his intention to make this checkbox paid for everyone, that is, most likely, it’s not about corruption, but about banal earnings.

TikTok may be banned in the US

A bill has been submitted to the US Congress to ban TikTok. According to lawmakers, the use of this social network threatens US national security because it is allegedly vulnerable to pressure from the Chinese government.

The initiators of the bill believe that through this social network, governments of other countries can observe Americans, collect important information and spread propaganda. At the moment, TikTok is used by approximately 2/3 of American teenagers.

Earlier, several US states (Utah, Texas, South Dakota, Maryland) issued a decree to ban TikTok on government devices. Official representative of TikTok in the USA Brook Oberwetter said the company is working to allay lawmakers' concerns.

Recall that in 2021 the current President of the United States Joe Biden rescinded Trump's executive order banning Chinese apps on national security grounds.

We also recall that for similar reasons in Ukraine, since May 2017, the Russian social network Vkontakte, which at the time of the ban was used by 76,1% of Ukrainians, has been banned.

We also wrote about Musk is suing the Ukrainian company "Starlink" because of the name, and that Twitter has become a springboard for US Democrats to attack Trump supporters.

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