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02 December 2022 19: 46
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No weapons, no facts of involvement in the DRG: what law enforcement officers found during searches in the temples of the UOC

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church claims that there is no evidence of anti-state activity, but nevertheless, about a dozen clergy fell under the NSDC sanctions.

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No weapons, no facts of involvement in the DRG: what law enforcement officers found during searches in the temples of the UOC

During searches in churches and monasteries of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, no evidence of anti-state activity was found. About this in comments Klymenko Time said a representative of the UOC.

“According to the information published on the official resources of law enforcement agencies, multiple checks in the premises belonging to the UOC did not reveal any weapons, or DRGs, or other evidence of anti-state activity on the part of the UOC. This once again confirms that our church carries out its activities exclusively in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. After the adoption of the updated charter of the UOC in May of this year, it was sent for registration to state bodies, where it was repeatedly studied by professional religious scholars. It is obvious that one more of his expertise will not lead to any sensation, ” - said our interlocutor.

Separately, the representative of the UOC commented on the possible alienation of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

“It was through the efforts of the monks of the Lavra that its unique temples were revived after decades of desolation. The return of the monastery churches to the monastery took place after 1988. During this time, the church made titanic efforts so that the Lavra ceased to be a huge ruin., - he said.

Meanwhile like пишет Ukrayinska Pravda, citing sources surrounded by the Zelensky National Security and Defense Council, introduced sanctions against the governor of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Pavel (Lebed) and ex-people's deputy Vadim Novinsky. Also, according to the publication, about a dozen more clergymen of the UOC were sanctioned.

Recall that the Security Service of Ukraine recently began to actively conduct searches in the buildings of the UOC in different regions of Ukraine,including with searches they came to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

And yesterday the President Vladimir Zelensky reported that the National Security and Defense Council instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to propose to the Verkhovna Rada ban the activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, and also initiated a check on the legality of the stay of the UOC in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

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