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13 July 2022 21: 00
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Not a log to the side: Hungary banned even firewood from being exported from the country

Meanwhile, the EU is preparing for a sudden halt in gas supplies from Russia.

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Not a log to the side: Hungary banned even firewood from being exported from the country

Hungarian authorities declared a state of emergency in the field of energy for the protection of Hungarian families and energy supply, in this regard, the government banned the export of energy and even firewood. About it сообщил during a government briefing, the head of the office of the Hungarian Prime Minister Gergey Guyash, writes the Hungarian edition of Index.

“The Hungarian government has decided to ban the export of energy and firewood,” — Gouyash said.

The safety of Hungarian families is a priority

He also reminded once again that in the event of an acute energy crisis, Hungary is not obliged to help EU member states, but if Hungarian families are safe, the government will gladly help others.

In addition, Gouyash noted that Peter Szijjarto authorized to purchase additional gas and Budapest started negotiations on the purchase 700 million cubic meters of gas in excess of existing long-term contracts. Now the Hungarian gas storages are full on 44%.

Recall that Hungary stated that it was not even ready to discuss embargo on gas from Russia and will not support the package if it contains sanctions against Gazprom or Gazprombank.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations Peter Szijjarto claimedthat Hungary cannot physically replace the use of Russian energy resources with others.

Just the other day, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Szijjarto criticized the proposal of the head of the European People's Party Manfred Weber ensure an even distribution of natural gas entering the EU. Noting that this initiative is somewhat reminiscent of communism.

The EU is preparing for a sudden halt in gas supplies from Russia

Meanwhile, the EU is preparing for a sudden halt in gas supplies from the Russian Federation and has developed an appropriate action plan for the entire economy, writes Bloomberg with reference to the draft plan of the European Commission, which was at the disposal of the publication.

It is noted that the European Commission sees a significant risk that Moscow will completely cut off gas supplies to the EU before the end of the year. The prepared plan includes, among other things, lowering the temperature of heating and air conditioning. There is also the possibility for governments to replace fuel in the energy sector to help save gas, as well as the possibility of holding auctions or tenders where governments incentivize the reduction of consumption by large consumers, mainly in industry.

It is expected that this plan will help reduce the negative impact of the suspension of gas supplies by a third.

Previously, we wrote that Hungary was one of the first to agree to pay for Russian gas in rubles. In general, among European companies that buy Russian gas, nine refused to pay in rubles, and thirteen began to pay according to the new scheme.

Recall that Hungary also decided not to supply weapons to Ukraine, to protect the Hungarians on the territory of Ukraine from shelling.

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