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10 August 2022 18: 45
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Despite the words "Khokhol" and "Khokhlyatsky" Ukrainian schoolchildren will learn Russian literature

The MES stated that the study of the works of Gogol, Bulgakov and Korolenko will be mandatory in the school curriculum, even if parents and students do not like something in their works.

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Despite the words Khokhol and Khokhlyatsky, Ukrainian schoolchildren will learn Russian literature

The other day, the head of the department of general secondary and preschool education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Yuri Kononenko said that not all works by Russian writers would be excluded from the school curriculum on foreign literature.

“Conceptually speaking, it was decided that writers who wrote in Russian, but whose work was closely connected with Ukraine, that is, they were either born in Ukraine, or lived in Ukraine for a long time, or reflected Ukrainian themes in their works, their creativity will remain in the curriculum", - Kononenko said on the air of the telethon.

Among these writers he named Nikolai Gogol, Vladimir Korolenko, Mikhail Bulgakov, Anatoly Kuznetsov and Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov.

"Nikolai Gogol, this is actually our Ukrainian writer, who did a lot for Ukrainian culture. Or Vladimir Korolenko, Mikhail Bulgakov's work Heart of a Dog will also be studied. The program will continue to study the work of Anatoly Kuznetsov - Babi Yar, because this is a landmark work, documentary, closely related to the tragic event that took place on the territory of Ukraine. Such a work as the 12 chairs of Ilf and Petrov will also be studied in the school curriculum"Kononenko said.

This caused a whole storm of emotions and reactions. So Ukrainian writer and poetess Oksana Zabuzhko wrote on her Facebook page that the attempt to stuff these authors into the school curriculum, to put it mildly, "smells like mothballs."

"So I just see with my own eyes behind the desire to shove the children of the 20s of the 21st century into the school programs of Bulgakov and Ilf with Petrov - a "hit" who crawled out from behind the garages of some God-offended regional center: a Soviet engineer of the 1970s in elongated on his knees in blue sweatpants, which from a young age got the above-mentioned authors "by pull" (or "for waste paper"). To modern children, this mothball stuffed animal is no longer even a grandfather, but a great-grandfather (!). But still, qrwa, it is eager to absorb them into their blue sweatpants stretched out at the knees, stubbornly considered a sign of a cultured person. (Give someone an old shovel over the head and finally bury them behind those garages - otherwise these "old songs about the main thing" will never end!)), - the writer commented on the statement of the Ministry of Education and Science.

And already the post of Zabuzhko herself, and, accordingly, the unwillingness of the Ministry of Education to get rid of "everything Russian" caused a heated debate on the Facebook page "SOS Parents".

Despite the words Khokhol and Khokhlyatsky, Ukrainian schoolchildren will learn Russian literature - photo 1 Despite the words Khokhol and Khokhlyatsky, Ukrainian schoolchildren will learn Russian literature - photo 2 Despite the words Khokhol and Khokhlyatsky, Ukrainian schoolchildren will learn Russian literature - photo 3

Yuri Kononenko had to respond to the rising storm. And commenting on the situation espreso.tv, he noted that even if parents or students do not like works in which the words "khokhol" and "khokhlyatsky" are constantly repeated, they still have to be taught

"As for the course of foreign literature, there are works that are studied textually. For example, Gogol, Korolenko and Bulgakov are studied textually, without fail. All children should study those works that are recorded in the program - "The Night Before Christmas", "Inspector" , "The Overcoat" by Gogol, "The Blind Musician" by Korolenko and "The Heart of a Dog" by Bulgakov are studied textually. And there are works that are studied by choice, among them "Babi Yar" by Kuznetsov and "12 chairs" by Ilf and Petrov"Kononenko said.

He also noted that despite the fact that Ukrainians are shown in a bad light in some works of Russian literature, students will not be able to refuse to study.

“Our education system is not built in such a way that I want to study and study something, and I don’t want to and don’t study the other. It can’t be like that! The curriculum is written for everyone. And if it is written that works are studied textually, then they are studied textually, period!" – said the official of the Ministry of Education.

Recall that earlier the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexey Danilov declared that a total de-Russification of business, politics and other spheres would be carried out in Ukraine. “We won’t have anything Russian left”, - he said.

We also wrote that, according to the German Minister for Culture and Media Claudia Roth, the war in Ukraine is no reason to "cancel" the Russian cultural heritage.

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