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28 December 2022 18: 45
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Irregular working hours and the abolition of the division of professions into “male” and “female”: what else can Ukrainians expect from the labor market in 2023

The situation on the market remains very difficult, but is gradually stabilizing.

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Irregular working hours and the abolition of the division of professions into “male” and “female”: what else can Ukrainians expect from the labor market in 2023

The war has already had and continues to have a significant impact on the Ukrainian labor market. In this regard, the portal Work.ua based on the survey singled out key trends on it in 2023.

Salaries may rise

Salaries, especially in sectors critical for the economy, can grow at different rates: in the private sector - more actively, in the state - based on the possibilities of the state budget. According to preliminary forecasts, wage growth may range from 8% to 30%.

However, we note that, probably, they will not raise the payment much, given that in the 2023 budget no increase in the minimum wage.

The same applies to private traders: some of them who were able to recover from the war may well be able to increase the income of employees, but those who suffered the most from the war are unlikely to do so. On the contrary, further reductions or cuts in wages are possible due to the reduction in production volumes or the working day due to power outages. We previously told for what reasons can reductions begin on New Year's Eve and immediately after the holidays.

In addition, some employers in the conditions of people leaving abroad are interested in retaining the remaining employees - and therefore they can focus on the personal qualities of people and conduct training within the enterprise.

Decreased ambition of workers

Some candidates temporarily refuse to consider new offers and are ready to work for a lower salary or part-time work. Work.ua believes that this is done out of loyalty to the company.

On the other hand, the situation may be explained by the fear of losing a job during the war and a subconscious craving for stability - especially in conditions of record unemployment for the country. This plays into the hands of employers, because in such conditions many people are willing to work for less money.

No "male" and "female" professions

Some employers have decided to change the approach to selecting candidates based on gender and have come to understand that professionalism has no gender, age or other restrictions. The impetus for this was the war, because of which many men went to war - and their work needs to be done, therefore women are now more willingly taken to previously “male” positions.

Employee support

The companies surveyed by Work.ua said they would try to cover the basic needs for the team, such as electricity, heat and the Internet. Business representatives believe that this will make employees more loyal to the company.

It should be noted that due to blackouts, many Ukrainians are faced with the inability to work stably - and they have to independently look for places to work. There are not enough “invincibility points” for everyone, and in some of them they are not allowed to use the outlet for more than half an hour, and the starting cost of working in co-working spaces starts at $ 150 per month, which is far from accessible to everyone.

In this regard, in the event of regular long blackouts, only those employers who provide their employees with the necessary working conditions will be able to survive.

Irregular working hours

Some companies have switched to a free work schedule, within which the focus is on the result, and not work in separately allotted hours. That is, employees work when possible to complete assigned tasks: at night, early in the morning or on weekends.

Imbalance of qualified personnel

Due to the migration of the population in connection with the war, an imbalance of qualified personnel has already appeared in the Ukrainian labor market - and the trend will continue next year.

The labor market is now in the process of recovery. If in the western regions of the country the number of vacancies is already more than 90% of the pre-war level, then in Kyiv, the central and southern regions, vacancies have resumed by almost a third.

A very large number of specialists went abroad. Probably, when the situation in Ukraine improves, employers will try to get them back. But given that usually a third of those who left return from migration, the shortage of qualified personnel will continue after the war.

We also wrote about By the New Year, the military will receive new salariesand told how power outages affect the payment of salaries if there was a “forced downtime”.

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