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05 August 2022 20: 45
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Isn't everything so bad? "Servants of the people" promise that there will be no problems with heating in winter

True, problems may arise with the delivery of gas to consumers in regions where hostilities continue.

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Isn't everything so bad? Servants of the people promise that there will be no problems with heating in winter

Against the backdrop of constant statements from government officials at all levels that Ukraine faces a difficult winter and a difficult heating season on Online Presidential Servant of the People party receives an optimistic forecast by the head of the parliamentary subcommittee on gas, gas transport industry and gas supply policy Andrey Zhupanin, about the fact that there will still be gas in Ukraine and at the same time the prices for heat for the population will not increase.

They will buy gas from private traders

People's Deputy noted that gas production in Ukraine has fallen significantly, but not as much as consumption.

"Gas consumption in Ukraine has fallen significantly. Production has also fallen, but not as much as consumption. The difference between consumption and production, according to forecasts by the Ministry of Energy, will be 3-4 billion cubic meters of gas," Zhupanin explained.

Moreover, according to him, the government has already allocated funds to purchase more 3-4 billion cubic meters gas abroad, and also considers opportunity to purchase Ukrainian gas from private providers.

"Therefore, regarding the availability of the resource, the forecast is optimistic so far, if there are no force majeure circumstances related to the war," the deputy says.

But still there are problems

But Zhupanin states that Gas supplies to consumers can be problematicparticularly in regions where hostilities continue.

"There are already problems with gas supply in the front-line territories, as gas pipelines are interrupted, and it is quite difficult to repair them. Now it is almost impossible to promise consumers uninterrupted supplies there"Zhupanin said.

At the same time, he recalled that the price of gas and heat for the population will not increase.

"Last week, we adopted a bill in parliament prohibiting raising gas and heat prices for the population. We understand that people have few resources to pay the cost of services even at current tariffs. Therefore, it is important to leave the old prices, and this can be done at the expense of government subsidies", - said the head of the profile subcommittee.

Recall that just a week ago, the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy Daniil Getmantsev said no need for illusionsAs the coming winter will not be easy, and the situation may worsen if the acute phase of the war continues.

And in June, the government set a course for the accumulation of energy resources, banning the export of coal gas and fuel oil and stating that the entire volume produced in Ukraine will be used for the needs of the country.

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