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31 August 2022 18: 30
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Not oil and gas alone: ​​Poland and Ukraine will be connected by an oil pipeline?

The Poles ridiculed the two-state initiative, calling it “the dumbest idea of ​​2022.”

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Not oil and gas alone: ​​Poland and Ukraine will be connected by an oil pipeline?

Poland and Ukraine announced plans to implement a project that has no analogues in the world, we are talking about a pipeline for transporting vegetable oil. This is written by the Polish edition Interia.pl.

According to the authors of the project, this will contribute to partial unblocking of Ukrainian exports and improving food security. But readers were rather skeptical about this idea.

It will be all plain sailing

The publication notes that the office Prime Minister of Poland reported that both countries will form a working commission that will present options for localizing the pipe.

"The Council of Ministers adopted the proposal of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development on the consent of the Council of Ministers to conclude a memorandum of understanding between the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Republic of Poland, the Minister of Infrastructure of the Republic of Poland, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine on the development of a cross-border pipeline project for the transportation of vegetable oils from Ukraine to the port of Gdansk", the office said in a statement.

The memorandum, as explained by the Polish prime minister, will concluded for three years with automatic renewal for the next three. The document can be terminated, but not later than six months before the end of the next term. The memorandum is not an international agreement in the understanding of international public law.

"Ukraine is a major global producer and exporter of grains and vegetable oils. Before the conflict, more than 90% of these products were exported through ports located on the Black Sea," - said in a statement.

It is noted that implementation of the memorandum, in addition to unlocking Ukrainian exports and improving food security, should reduce migration pressure in Europe.

The dumbest idea of ​​2022...

Readers accepted this initiative of the Polish and Ukrainian authorities without enthusiasm, christening it in the comments:  "The dumbest idea of ​​2022." The Poles believe that the construction of such an oil pipeline does not make any sense, and therefore it is simply the money of Polish taxpayers thrown to the wind.

"How much will we have to pay for this? If billions, I will fry in butter or margarine," - the reader of the edition is indignant.

Another reader believes that in this way "Poland will build infrastructure for Ukrainian oligarchs with the money of Polish citizens."

"If you combine Polish corruption with Ukrainian, then you will also have to steal from the Germans, and there will be no pipeline," - suggests the third.

Not oil and gas alone: ​​Poland and Ukraine will be connected by an oil pipeline? - photo 1 Not oil and gas alone: ​​Poland and Ukraine will be connected by an oil pipeline? - photo 2 Not oil and gas alone: ​​Poland and Ukraine will be connected by an oil pipeline? - photo 3

Polish coal warehouse owners threaten to strike

Meanwhile, the owners of coal warehouses in Poland were on the verge of bankruptcy due to the fact that the mines do not sell them coal, writes Onet. Mines prefer to sell cheap coal to large firms, which are de facto representatives of state-owned companies. They were threatened with blocking the roads leading to the mines and organizing a nationwide strike.

According to the newspaper, last weekend a meeting was held in Silesia, which brought together several dozen owners of fuel depots from the southern regions of Poland. Entrepreneurs spoke about the possible organization of a strike, as the industry was on the verge of bankruptcy.
"After the mines cut off our access to coal, we have no way to earn," - says the Polish edition Tomas Gil, a coal trader from Podhale. - “We have invested in squares, cars. We pay taxes and social security, and now we will be unemployed overnight. Today, due to the actions of our government, I am close to making a decision to close the business. I have only expenses and a very limited field for earning. I pay all the taxes all the time, insurance premiums or car insurance, and it's impossible to live from this business."
Another of Onet's interlocutors, the owner of a warehouse near Gorlitsy, is also facing the threat of bankruptcy. He sold his last ton of coal in June. Since then, he has not earned a penny from direct sales of fuel. He stays afloat only because he does other work in his car, such as transporting earth at a construction site.
In this situation, the warehouse owners decided to act together. A meeting was held in Silesia over the weekend, which was attended by dozens of entrepreneurs from the industry. There will be more such meetings in the coming days. It was about starting a nationwide protest. As a last resort, desperate entrepreneurs promise to block all roads leading to Polish mines. However, first they intend to send a letter to the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. 

Previously, we wrote that Verkhovna Rada approves special status for Poles in Ukraine, but at the same time in In Poland, Ukrainians with disabilities are required to have certificates from local doctors, as well as Ukrainian refugees are offered free housing in villages and work in nursing homes.

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