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08 August 2022 14: 15
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Not contractors, but "assistants": the Pentagon has found a way to send the military to Ukraine, but covertly

The US Department of Defense veiled the participation of the US military in the fighting in Ukraine, using a new tactic.

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Not contractors, but assistants: the Pentagon has found a way to send the military to Ukraine, but covertly

US military calmly fighting in Ukrainewithout fear of condemnation by the world community. Regular soldiers turned mercenaries are just renamed to "contract assistants". French magazine writes about it Conversationalist with reference to a high-ranking source in military structures.

The publication notes that similar tactics applied from the start wars in Ukraine.

"True, these were not real American soldiers, but contract "assistants" performing their role. For the first time, the Pentagon used such tactics in Ukraine: it sort of "outsources", looks for specialists ready to participate in large-scale hostilities in Ukraine for money", - the source quotes the publication.

According to the interlocutor of the French media, such mercenaries operate "on all battlefields."

It is worth noting that the information about the American "contract assistants" in the publication was presented after the author of the article complained about the American media, that "send anathemas" to the top leadership of the French armed forces. Like, "they foresaw nothing" thought that "the Russian ice rink will eventually pass by", and some Western experts, according to the French edition, even explain "the blindness of the French" in Ukraine "Russophobia of her star cap".

As for Western military involvement in the Ukrainian-Russian war to one degree or another, it is worth recalling the recent statement by the Deputy Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, Major General Vadim Skibitsky that UK and USA help Ukrainian intelligence to replenish the bank of targets for strikes with high-precision weapons. He said this in an interview with The Telegraph.

"On military intelligence, Britain and the US provided almost everything - from information to equipment", - said the general, adding that the help of foreigners is "every minute information of all kinds in real time."

An intelligence official stressed that US does not provide direct information for targeting as it could undermine the arguments Washingtonthat they are not direct participants in the war. But, as concluded from the words of General The Telegraph, before launching missiles between intelligence officials both countries held consultations that would allow Washington to stop any potential Ukrainian attacksif there were dissatisfied with the intended goal.

В of Russia, after this interview, stated that The United States is directly involved in hostilities in Ukraine. According to the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov, "no one else in Ukraine and in the world should have any doubts that the HIMARS missile strikes ... were planned by the Zelensky regime and approved by Washington."

Earlier we wrote that the only Ukrainian is a member of the US Congress Victoria Spartz  constantly being attacked by colleagues for criticizing the Ukrainian authorities.

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