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26 December 2020 18: 54
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There will be no Russian offensive from the Crimea: the Ministry of Defense responded to the "panic" due to the video with a column of military equipment of the Russian Federation

Near Krasnoperekopsk, journalists filmed military equipment of the Russian Federation on video and decided that people would react to such news with “panic”, in connection with which they released material “for calming”, which confused everyone even more.

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There will be no Russian offensive from Crimea: the Ministry of Defense responded to panic over a video with a convoy of Russian military equipment

The story began with the fact that on December 24, journalists from one publication published a video showing the movement of Russian military equipment in the direction of the regional center. A couple of days later, another publication decided that information about the movement of military equipment aroused thoughts about the threat of an offensive and decided to “calm” readers.

The movement of equipment was reported Crimea.Real in his video, but the authors of the material that “disperses panic” were the resource ArmyInform.

On December 24, Krym.Realii published a video of a convoy of Russian military equipment moving in the direction of the regional center near the village of Ishun, Krasnoperekopsky district of Crimea, on the Simferopol-Armyansk highway. The authors of the video dryly stated that the column consists of 25 armored personnel carriers and 40 trucks for various purposes.

“Some of the trucks were towed by covered artillery pieces. 20 minutes after the passage of the convoy, two tankers proceeded in the same direction, transporting all-terrain tractors MT-LB,” the journalists noted.

There was no talk of any guesses in the spirit of a “mandatory offensive”. In addition, although there were those who were afraid of the offensive among the commentators of the video on social networks, in general, people were not surprised by the presence of Russian military equipment - after all, this, unfortunately, is natural in the sixth year after the capture of Crimea.

However, the ArmiyaInform resource, which is an information agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, decided otherwise. On December 26, a voluminous material is published, in which they “actively reassure” readers that aggression from Crimea is impossible.

They begin the material with the phrase that "it is understandable why the column caused a panic." Then the journalists paid attention to the peculiarities of the terrain, we recall that the Perekop isthmus, which the Russian military will supposedly have to overcome, is only 7 to 9 km and there are two roads for the entire distance that lead to the Kalanchak and Chaplynka checkpoints, and from village, near which the equipment was noticed, and at all - one road.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense also explained that the composition of forces and means that was filmed on video is not enough to carry out an offensive operation to the north, to the Kherson region.

“To carry out offensive operations, it is necessary to create a strong strike force, which will include heavy powerful tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. The Russians are well aware that a multi-echelon defense zone has been created in this direction, which is dangerous for us. To overcome it, in addition to the shock “fist”, a large number of fire support means (large-caliber artillery, MLRS, missile systems) should be concentrated on the approaches, ”the resource reports.

Separately, the Ministry of Defense did not forget to mention that the Ukrainian military “measured every centimeter” of the terrain, and also built dense fortifications through which the military from the Russian Federation could not break through. In this regard, the Ministry of Defense tends to think that the Russians are conducting combat exercises to redeploy units on the peninsula.

No one denies the fact that military units from the Russian Federation are on the peninsula, however, it is unlikely that anyone would be surprised at this and spread panic from the movement of military equipment around the peninsula in droves.

By the way, it is possible that such attention to the column and panic among the population were caused by the statements of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky In an interview that in the event of Russian aggression from Crimea, both men and women will take up arms.

However, the National Security and Defense Council has already responded to this loud statement Zelensky and said that general mobilization was impossible.

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