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12 September 2022 16: 45
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Tax reform: 14 million Ukrainians will have to explain their income

The tax burden may decrease if everyone starts paying taxes, and it takes at least two years to bring a business out of the “shadow”.

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Tax reform: 14 million Ukrainians will have to explain their income

Before 50% of the Ukrainian economy now in the shadows, and the state does not officially know where the income comes from 14 million Ukrainians. This was stated by the Deputy Head of the Office of the President Rostislav Shurma, speaking at the 17th Annual Meeting Yalta European Strategy (YES) conducted by the Fund Victor Pinchuk in Kyiv, writes zn.ua.

The deputy head of the OP noted that this fact is important due to the fact that during the tax reform "10-10-10" the state is planning reduce the tax burden in the country. But we need to find suitable compensators, because, according to Shurma, raising taxes is not a solution. economic problems of Ukraine.

"Raising the level of taxes will lead to almost nothing: it can be raised 3-4 times, but it will kill businesses in Ukraine ... It's not about not making liberal tax rates, but for people to pay taxes," Shurma stated.

In his opinion, in order to so that everyone in the country began to pay taxeswill take two years. Shurma noted that the decision on the 10-10-10 tax reform will be made only after the understanding budget revenue compensators. Besides, Ukraine intends to consult on this с international partners, which are a key source of income at the moment.

"We must admit that we will be able to financially survive in this situation with the help of our international partners. Now the key thing is the support of our partners: we receive up to 60% from partners. Any decision on taxes will be approved after consultations with our partners and those who supports us financially, - he said.

The deputy head of the OP also clarified that basic concept of tax reform remains unchanged: 10% - income tax, 10% – personal income tax (personal income tax), 10% – VAT (Value Added Tax) and 3% - military collection.

In mid-August, in an interview with Forbes Rostislav Shurma claimed that the tax reform "10-10-10" accepted within six months... But, in the opinion of some parliamentarians, reform will not be introduced next year, in particular, this is evidenced by the lack of relevant plans and developments for the draft state budget for 2023 year.

Additionally, the text of the tax reform is also not being prepared. The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, the National Bank, the State Tax Service and the Ministry of Social Policy confirmed that there were no consultations and calculations regarding the reduction of key taxes to 10% did not conduct with them.

About what it is tax reform "10-10-10", we analyzed in our material at the link.

We also wrote that there are versions that goal of the tax reduction program is misleading Ukrainian society, and in fact taxes will be raised.

We also talked about The Verkhovna Rada Committee approved the finalized bill No. 7668-d on the return of excise taxes on fuel. according to most analysts, its adoption will lead to to an automatic increase in the cost of fuel in Ukraine.

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