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15 February 2021 14: 22
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In Donbass, they crack down on the military according to the scenario of Zakharchenko, Givi and Motorola

In the Donbass, they continue to crack down on the military, who are "unpleasant to Ukrainian soldiers." This time, they did not spare even a child.

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In Donbass, they crack down on the military according to the scenario of Zakharchenko, Givi and Motorola

In ORDLO on February 15, at about 8 am, an explosion occurred in the center of Gorlovka on Pobeda Avenue. An improvised explosive device went off under the driver's seat of the car. In the cabin were commander of the 1st battalion of the third brigade of the People's Militia of the DPR Sergey Popov with the call sign "Long" and his daughter, whom he drove to school.

So far, it is known that Popov received multiple wounds of moderate severity, his legs and thigh were cut from shrapnel. Now he is in intensive care in a state of shock. The Ministry of State Security of the DPR reacted and regarded the attempt as a terrorist attack, opened a criminal case. They say that the battalion commander allegedly "delivered a lot trouble for Ukrainian soldiers".

Some of the Ukrainian "patriots" put forward their own version: the explosion of the car is the answer for sniper terror and mine warfare.

In any case, so far the Ukrainian news has not written anything about this (even if they drop a couple of lines about the commander, it is clearly with the position "they blew themselves up"), and JFO headquarters on Facebook he only pointed out that the day before, three Ukrainian servicemen in the Donbas had died "as a result of an explosion on an unknown device."

It should be noted that this is not the first time since the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass. Today's case very much reminded of the explosion First head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko near the cafe, murder battalion commander "Somalia" Mikhail Tolstykh (call sign "Givi") in his office, and undermining battalion commander "Sparta" Arseny Pavlov (call sign "Motorola") in the elevator of a residential building.

Finding the truth here is almost impossible. The investigation has been going on for years.

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