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29 December 2022 16: 15
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Men flee en masse from Poland to avoid military service: 70 thousand people have already left the country

In Poland, they decided to mobilize reservists.

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Men flee en masse from Poland to avoid military service: 70 thousand people have already left the country

The Polish Ministry of Defense in early December announced its intention to start mobilizing military reserves in 2023, which led to the flight of men from the country. About it пишет Polish edition Dziennik Polityczny.

In general, 250 reserve soldiers no older than 55 years old are going to be called up for active military service in the country. Those men who at the moment cannot perform important functions for the Polish army will remain in the reserve.

People are invited to the military registration and enlistment offices, where they are handed a summons to serve in the reserve. During the exercises, recruits will be introduced to modern military equipment, and they will also be assigned to a specific military unit. That is, Poland began to mobilize its society for war. Recall that before the war in Ukraine began train the civilian population for the formation of territorial defense.

Until April 2022, in Poland, the reserve was formed from people who had military qualifications, had not previously served and had not taken the oath. Also subject to conscription were military personnel, military personnel and volunteers who had undergone military training.

At the same time, Polish society began to rebel against the plans of the country's Ministry of Defense, and the distribution of subpoenas to hundreds of thousands of reservists caused a negative reaction among citizens. This led to an increase in calls for sabotage of mobilization, and evasion of service became common. And the easiest way to avoid mobilization was to leave the country.

Thus, the deputy mayor of the Volsk district administration supported the flight of Polish men from the country and accused the national government of instigating the war.

“The government is pushing the Poles to war! Soldiers get money from our taxes because they will defend our country if necessary. Men, like women, should be able to leave the country in the event of a threat of armed conflict. There should not be a situation like in Ukrainewhen men are forced to stay in the country without electricity, work, heat, and women can leave the country and earn a living abroad. This is a violation of human rights! I fully support the thousands of people who are already fleeing the draft and I am not surprised that there is a huge line of cars on the Polish side of the border with Germany.”He wrote.

Vice-Rector of the Academy of Applied Sciences in Poznań Andrzej Bolewski, who until 2005 worked in the Ministry of Defense of Poland, on the contrary, criticized the fleeing Poles.

“The situation in Ukraine is becoming more tense every day, and the government has to respond to a growing military threat near the Polish borders. At the same time, I do not understand these men who are fleeing en masse from the country to the EU and the UK, avoiding military service and protecting Poland. They act like rats, like cowardly rats, to avoid war. This is a shame and a betrayal of Poland.”Bolevsky says.

By the end of December, the flight of men from the country became a mass phenomenon: more than 70 thousand people have already left for the UK and EU countries in order to avoid mobilization. It is likely that this is only the beginning of a wave of migration from the country - and the total number of those who left could reach several hundred thousand.

And on November 15, during another Russian shelling of Ukraine, a rocket fell on the territory of Poland, which could start a world war.

As of the beginning of 2022, the strength of the Polish armed forces was:

  • 125,5 thousand professional military;
  • 35 thousand territorial defense fighters.

Recall that after the start of partial mobilization in Russia, the number of citizens who left the country exceeded the conscription plan. So, by the beginning of October, according to the official statistics of the host countries, more than 200 thousand people left for Kazakhstan, 69 thousand for Georgia, 66 thousand for Finland, about 5 thousand for Mongolia, and about 3,5 for Kyrgyzstan. thousand. Russians also fled to Armenia and Turkey, but the number of men who left there is still unknown, and it is not clear how many of them decide to return later.

And Ukrainian men from 18 to 60 years old would be happy to leave, but the ban on leaving is valid until the end of the war. It got to the point that now the cost of illegal travel abroad starts from 5 thousand dollars per person. Also, the required number of votes has already been collected by several petitions in which the President Vladimir Zelensky asked to allow the men to leave for the war, but each time he answered in the negative.

We also wrote about why in Ukraine subpoenas began to be handed out on the streets again and how long it will continueand told how, under the cover of night in Odessa, the monument to Catherine II was demolished.

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