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06 June 2022 19: 15
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Mobilization in Ukraine: not all Ukrainians receive the same agenda

The agenda can be not only about the call, but just about clarifying the data.

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Mobilization in Ukraine: not all Ukrainians receive the same agenda

After the next extension of mobilization for three months until August 23, Ukrainians are talking about subpoenas again. And as it turns out, they are different. Yes, according to law of Ukraine There are four types of subpoenas that are handed to those liable for military service, but only three of them are currently in use. Due to the fact that summons for urgent military service are not issued to Ukrainians, because conscriptions are not carried out now due to general mobilization.

But first, you need to understand that mobilization, in turn, has four waves:

  • The First Wave - call for operational reservists, former military personnel and veterans of the ATO and JFO.
  • The second wave - they call up reservists who did not fall into the first wave of mobilization, and military personnel who did military service until 2014 or served under a contract.
  • Third wave - reserve officers and conscripts who graduated from the military departments of universities.
  • Fourth wave - all citizens aged 18 to 60 who are subject to mobilization (have no restrictions on age, health status, etc.).

Lawyers claimthat the "second wave" of mobilization began on March 15, and the extension of the general mobilization period for another 3 months does not yet mean a transition to the third wave.

"There will be a separate decision of the General Staff on the third wave. Depending on the need for understaffing or completing new units, they will be mobilized, as they are now. There will be no special changes."- explains the lawyer Andrey Novak.

However, according to the lawyer, the “waves” of mobilization are a conditional division, indicating which categories of people are in priority for conscription.

So, what subpoenas can Ukrainians liable for military service receive:

  • To clarify credentials

People do not always independently update data about themselves, which can serve as the basis for exemption from military service or deferment from conscription for military service. We are talking about marital status, place of work, the presence of children, as well as the presence / receipt of a disability or the fact that someone close to you went missing or received fatal injuries in the ATO, etc.

As a rule, subpoenas of this kind are handed over in order to subsequently enter information about a person into a database.

  • To pass the military medical commission

Every citizen liable for military service must undergo a mandatory medical examination, within the framework of which, in fact, suitability for military service is determined.

In this case, priority is given to people with combat experience and some training, but this does not mean that only they are mobilized.

  • Mobilization order

This type of summons is handed, as a rule, exclusively to those liable for military service, who have passed the medical commission and are recognized as fit for military service. The mobilization order must stipulate the obligation to appear at the collection point within 24 hours after the announcement of mobilization.

Previously, we wrote that the volume of mobilization in Ukraine will grow. since, according to the adviser to the Minister of the Interior Viktor Andrusiv almost all reservists are already involved in the battles, which means that civilians can begin to be called up for service.

And later he also announced that the mobilization into the Armed Forces of Ukraine must be regulated and the army does not need to "drive" people running away from it, because it will then have disastrous consequences.

We also analyzed in detail what is targeted mobilization in Ukraine: who and why can be called.

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