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22 February 2022 19: 30
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There are no more Minsk agreements, "LDNR" is recognized within the borders of the regions - Putin

The President of Russia gave a press conference, where he put forward a number of conditions for Ukraine. Looks like the jokes are over.

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There are no more Minsk agreements, LDNR is recognized within the borders of the regions - Putin

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin given press conference, where he answered journalists' questions about the recognition of the "LDNR". We highlight the most important.

First of all, Putin stated that There are no more Minsk agreements. According to him, the reason is Ukraine's unwillingness to comply with them.

"Europe was unable to force Kyiv to comply with the Minsk agreements, so Russia was forced to make a decision to recognize the DNR and LNR," he says.

Regarding the borders of the "republics", the head of Russia noted that he recognizes them in accordance with the "constitutions" and that this issue should be discussed directly by the "LPR" with Ukraine. Note that if we rely on the "documents" of the territories not controlled by Kyiv, then we are talking about the entire Donetsk and Luhansk regions. This means that in the near future we may lose another part of the country.

Russian troops have not yet entered the Donbass, but Putin promised to do so "if necessary" and said that he would "act according to the situation."

"I didn't say that our troops would go to Donbass right now," He stressed.

The Russian leader is counting on a dialogue with Ukraine if it abandons the idea of ​​joining NATO, agrees to neutrality, demilitarizes and forgets about claims to Crimea.

"The best solution to the issue would be for the current Kyiv authorities themselves to refuse to join NATO and adhere to neutrality," - the president continues.

Putin also added that he heard information about Ukraine's ambitions for nuclear weapons, and said that we have every chance to create it. True, for the Russian Federation this will be an undesirable scenario.

"Kyiv has everything to solve all the problems with nuclear weapons, the only thing missing is a uranium enrichment system. But this is a matter of technology... An armed "anti-Russia" represented by Ukraine is unacceptable for the Russian Federation, especially in view of Kyiv's current nuclear ambitions," he sums up.

Here is such disappointing news. It looks like the jokes are over and Putin is giving Kyiv a real ultimatum. How the Ukrainian authorities will respond to it - the near future will show.

And here is what the leader of Ukraine thinks about it Vladimir Zelensky, hard to say. He pretends that everything is fine and there is no reason to panic.

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