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05 November 2022 17: 10
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Revenge or reprisal? In Lvov, an ex-official from Crimea, who came to Ukraine to bury her father, can be imprisoned for 12 years

In Lvov, an ex-official from the Crimea was caught. Do you think the woman was spying? No. She just came... to bury her father.

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Revenge or reprisal? In Lvov, an ex-official from Crimea, who came to Ukraine to bury her father, can be imprisoned for 12 years

Before the start of a full-scale war, a woman came from Crimea to her small homeland - to the Dnipropetrovsk region. The reason is her father's funeral. However, she did not have time to return and now she is facing a term for high treason. This is reported by colleagues from the TG channel "Vesti".

The ex-official from the Crimea was convicted in Lvov. Tatiana Nezelennikova worked in the so-called "Ministry of Industrial Policy". The woman did not hold any responsible positions. In January 2022, Nezelennikova urgently returned to Ukraine - to the Dnipropetrovsk region. Her father passed away after a serious illness. 

She failed to return after February 24 through the Kherson region. 

In this regard, Nezelennikova decided to leave for Poland through the western border. But the border guards found a Russian passport in her bag.

The woman was arrested on the spot and then taken into custody. Now she faces 12 years for high treason - and this is the minimum term under this article. 

The defendant pleaded not guilty:

 "I did not carry out any subversive activities ... I just worked to earn a living, to be able to help retired parents. I did not carry out subversive activities," the woman said. 

The lawyer tried to justify the client by the fact that she is a citizen of the Russian Federation, therefore she cannot be the subject of a crime provided for by the law of Ukraine. But, having received a Russian passport, Nezlennikova did not apply for renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship and used a Ukrainian passport to enter.

After the liberation of a significant number of territories of Ukraine, the special services launched a large-scale "witch hunt". Now the SBU has firmly “took hold of” critical infrastructure workers in order to find collaborators among them. 

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