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21 January 2022 15: 00

Doctors are forced to switch to part-time jobs so as not to pay the entire salary - people's deputy Radutsky

And this is against the backdrop of a new outbreak of coronavirus!

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Doctors are forced to switch to part-time jobs so as not to pay the entire salary - people's deputy Radutsky

Since January 1, Ukraine has set the minimum wage for doctors and nurses - UAH 20 and UAH 13,5, respectively. However, the heads of hospitals and clinics came up with a "life hack" how to pay less for the same amount of work. They insist that employees switch to 0,75 or 0,5 rates, arguing that the institution does not have enough budget.

This was told by the people's deputy from the "Servant of the People" and the head of the clinic "Boris" Mikhail Radutsky. According to him, the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health began to receive frequent complaints about bosses putting workers in a hopeless situation.

"There are signals to the Committee and in private messages on my Facebook page that some heads of medical institutions are trying to force employees to switch to 0,5 or 0,75 rates. Although in fact people will continue to do the same amount of work as before. < ...> Doctors are told that the institution has no money, so they will have to formally go to part-time", - пишет he.

The MP informed the Ministry of Health. It advises doctors not to be afraid to write complaints to the local department of the State Labor Service and demand that they come to the clinic with a check. If the inspection finds evidence of abuse of power, the directorate will be fined UAH 65 for each employee. The identity of the applicant will be kept confidential.

"In my opinion, responsibility for such actions should be tougher - up to and including suspension from work. After all, fraud with the salaries of doctors is a crime. People are stealing money guaranteed by the state," - Radutsky is indignant.

If the budget is really not enough, the deputy suggests contacting city officials, the Ministry of Health and the National Health Service.

It is not known who is to blame in this situation. It is possible that the hospital management appropriates part of the allocated money for itself. And it is possible that they do not even reach them in full. But the fact that medicine is underfunded in Ukraine already the talk of the town. It is a well-known fact that over the past ten years, spending on health care has not exceeded 4% of GDP, while WHO recommends allocating at least 7%. The consequence of this is the reduction of medical facilities and beds, the mass dismissal of doctors and cuts in salaries by hook or by crook.

Against this background, a new wave of the pandemic is rising. Today, 20 people fell ill - a record for the last two months.

"An outbreak has begun in Ukraine. The epicenter of the outbreak is western Ukraine. The most difficult epidemiological situation is in the Ivano-Frankivsk region," - said yesterday at a briefing the head of the Ministry of Health Viktor Lyashko.

Looks like a new lockdown is just around the corner. The main thing is to have someone to treat and where to be treated. because with the budget for the coronavirus, we are also doing poorly.

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