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02 December 2022 15: 15
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Mass intimidation of Ukrainian embassies: diplomats sent envelopes with animal eyes

The Foreign Ministry is sorting out what such a “message” should mean.

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Mass intimidation of Ukrainian embassies: diplomats sent envelopes with animal eyes

Ukrainian embassies continue to receive parcels of threatening content. So, on December 2, the Ukrainian embassies received bloody packages, about which сообщил Foreign Ministry speaker Oleg Nikolenko.

Such packages were received by embassies in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Austria, consulates general in Naples and Krakow, and consulates in Brno. They had animal eyes, and they gave off an appropriate smell.

Yes, the Czech press reportedthat after the arrival of a suspicious object at the Ukrainian embassy, ​​not only diplomats were evacuated, but also a nearby kindergarten. The police confirmed the presence of tissues of dead animals in the package.

In addition, the entrance to the premises of the ambassador in the Vatican was vandalized, and the embassy in Kazakhstan was notified of the mining, but the report was not confirmed later.

And a letter was sent to the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States with a photocopy of a critical article about Ukraine.

In this regard, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba stated: “We have reason to believe that a well-planned campaign of terror and intimidation of Ukrainian embassies and consulates is taking place. Unable to stop Ukraine on the diplomatic front, they are trying to intimidate us. However, I can immediately say that these attempts are in vain. We will continue to work effectively for the victory of Ukraine.”.

The Ukrainian side is cooperating with law enforcement agencies of other countries to investigate all cases of threats and identify the persons involved, followed by bringing them to justice. Ukrainian embassies have been transferred to the regime of enhanced security measures.

Recall, 30 November explosion at the embassy in Madrid: as it turned out, the explosive was in an envelope intended for the ambassador, which was unpacked by an embassy worker. The man was slightly injured by the explosion.

The next day, similar parcels were sent to the Spanish company Instalaza, which produces weapons, including for Ukraine, to the air base in Torrejon de Ardos, the country's prime minister Pedro Sanchez and the Ministry of Defense. Also, letters with pyrotechnic material were received by the Air Force base and embassy USA in Spain.

They also said that disagreements arise between the US, Europe and NATO countries over assistance to Ukraineand wrote about under what conditions Biden and Putin are not against negotiations with each other.

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