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30 November 2022 19: 15
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Macron and other European leaders are unhappy with the "new US policy"

The economic consequences of the war in Ukraine for Europe are sowing discord between Washington and the allies.

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Macron and other European leaders are unhappy with the "new US policy"

Continued growth dependence of European countries on the USA against the backdrop of exacerbation economic problems in the EU, causes more and more dissatisfaction among European leaders. About it in the publication for The Wall Street Journal write reviewers Andrew Restuccia и Noemi Bisserb. The authors of the article are sure that issues of economics and geopolitics will be on the agenda of the upcoming meeting of the President of France Emmanuel Macron and heads of the White House Joe Biden.

"Transatlantic ties are beginning to slowly deteriorate as French President Emmanuel Macron and other European leaders are unhappy with the new policy of the United States. They say it exacerbates the economic problems caused by the war in Ukraine and the associated energy crisis," - writes WSJ.

It is noted that dissatisfaction also applies to "the growing dependence of the EU on Washington for security and economic stability." And first of all we are talking about the supply of natural gas to Europe, which she lost after the Russian invasion

“The United States has entered the game to replace Russia as one of the main suppliers of natural gas to Europe. However, US LNG supplies are much more expensive, which puts an additional burden on the continent’s production base. Europe also needs Washington’s support to strengthen defense systems and avoid a direct confrontation with Russia - as a result of the escalation, the region could be right on the front line," - American observers write.

WSJ reports that Emmanuel Macron plans to persuade Biden reduce the risk of a larger conflict between Russia and the West over Ukraine. In addition, according to French officials with whom American journalists spoke, Macron believes American Inflation Reduction Act, which should come into force in January, a threat to European industry. This law provides huge subsidies and tax breaks for products made with components manufactured in North America and assembled there.

European officials say these measures, called "regulation of the share of domestic components", will put many European-made goods, such as batteries and electric vehicles, at a huge disadvantage, which will not be eligible for tax breaks. French officials are worried that manufacturers, suffering from high energy prices in Europe are starting to consider moving production to the United States, where they can receive subsidies in addition to cheaper energy and electricity." - the article says.

Therefore, during his visit, the French leader plans to ask Biden on exemptions for European companiescomparable to those provided to firms from Canada and Mexico.

In turn, officials from the White House acknowledged that this issue is likely to will be the main topic of negotiations between the two presidents. However, they added that this dispute is unlikely to be resolved during the visit of the French leader.

"We want to understand the concerns. We are ready to have this conversation and find a way to address the issues of concern, - said John Kirby, National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications. - But it's not a competition where there can only be one winner."

Meanwhile, Macron continues urge European countries to come up with a coordinated response to the new American law. French officials said the EU should be invited their own tax breaksso that the conditions offered by the United States do not seem so attractive to European companies.

Previously, we wrote that disagreements arise between the US, Europe and NATO countries due to assistance to Ukraine, in particular, in Washington believes that the distribution of the burden of economic assistance to Kyiv is unfair and allied countries can and should give more.

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