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22 December 2022 16: 00
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Lviv OVA against Hetmantsev: officials suspect each other of corruption

At the same time, the central government actively engaged in the replacement of heads of regional tax services.

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Lviv OVA against Hetmantsev: officials suspect each other of corruption

In Ukraine, a skirmish broke out between the head of the Lviv OVA Maxim Kozitsky and head of the tax committee Daniil Getmantsev, in which officials accused each other of corrupt appointments.

It all started with the fact that on December 21, the State Tax Service removed the leadership of the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service in the Lviv region in full force. Getmantsev greeted such a decision, stating that it was taken as a result of monitoring the VAT refund in 2022.

In addition, an investigation has been launched, as a result of which the dismissed tax officials may face dismissal.

Getmantsev said: “I would like the same practice to eventually be extended to other authorities, in particular law enforcement. In six months, the level of corruption would be lower than in Singapore.”.

Is the new leadership involved in the violations?

The Lviv OVA responded harshly to this decision. So, its head Maxim Kozitsky wrotethat this dismissal may be seen as a personal interest of Getmantsev.

According to Kozitsky, the new head of the Lviv State Tax Service was Andrey Flis, who was previously the head of the VAT refund control department in the Lviv region.

“It is this division that is directly responsible for checking, confirming the reliability of the amounts claimed for reimbursement and drawing conclusions for VAT refunds from the budget. And it was precisely because of the abuses of the VAT that he "flew" from his post Andrey Shcherbak [dismissed head of service]. Well, the cherry on the cake. Today, the Economic Security Bureau uncovered another criminal VAT refund scheme: more than UAH 25 million was confiscated from the companies of a well-known Lviv businessman. in cash. The company caused damage to the state in the form of an illegal budgetary VAT refund of almost UAH 35,4 million. And, most likely, this happened under the reckless supervision of Andrey Flis ", - said Kozitsky, adding as confirmation of the words a photograph of a large amount of seized cash.

Lviv OVA against Hetmantsev: officials suspect each other of corruption - photo 1

According to Kozitsky, these things did not stop anyone - neither Getmantsev, nor the head of the State Tax Service Tatyana Kiriyenko, and the appointment of Flis happened in just one day.

Kozitsky was also accused of "nepotism"

Getmantsev hurried reply on these accusations by mutual attack.

“Yes, I support the decision of the leadership of the State Tax Service not to appoint your friend Lazorko to the leadership of the regional State Tax Service. And in general, I don’t advise you, for the future, to promote Taras Kozak’s friends from the Opposition Platform for Life, a bad omen.”, he wrote, adding that if a crime occurred, he would be punished accordingly.

Hetmantsev also added that already rebooted six regional tax services and will continue to do so "as many times as we catch the villains".

It should be noted that the replacement of the heads of regional tax services may fit into the trend that has begun in Ukraine to strengthen the central government, in which it intends to either take control of local elites or remove them from work. And corruption and other scandals in this case can be used as an effective reason for the implementation of the decision. We talked about this in more detail in the article about the link.

We also wrote about in Kyiv, the worst thing with light is not at all due to lack of electricityand told how the mayor of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky tried to escape from the police and nearly ran over one of the law enforcement officers.

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