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23 June 2021 11: 45
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The LGBT flag on the Kyiv "Motherland" took the "Cannes Lions". What surprised Ukraine?

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The LGBT flag on the Kyiv "Motherland" took the "Cannes Lions". What surprised Ukraine?

The last days have been marked not only by horrifying evils, but also by delightful victories. Over the weekend, Ukraine received silver at the Cannes Lions 2021 in the Outdoor category, where outdoor advertising creators compete for a prize. The winner was the Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine company, which presented a video at the competition, where an LGBT flag is hung on the Kyiv monument to the Motherland.

The campaign was held under the slogan "Mom will understand and support." The hashtag of the same name went viral on Twitter partly thanks to the KyivPride community. The action itself took place exactly a year ago, on June 21, on the eve of the tragic date.

The video is 40 seconds long. First, the camera captures the full-length sculpture, then a drone appears in the frame, lifting a valuable rainbow cargo into the air, then gluing takes place - and the banner is already fluttering on the blade of the sword at the "Motherland". All.

Two details should be noted. Firstly, no one has attached the flag to the monument. It just hung in the air from the right angle while the operator filmed it. Secondly, the video is made rather carelessly. At a minimum, sudden drops in sound cut across the ears. And, to be honest, the flag looks like it was mounted unsuccessfully.

I must say that the Cannes Lions is an honorary award. She is often referred to as the "Oscars" of the world of creatives. Accordingly, gold, silver and bronze should take the highest quality and original work.

However, Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine were satisfied with their brainchild.

“Based on the idea of ​​acceptance, equality and respect for all people. The homeland must protect everyone, regardless of orientation, cultural, social or other preferences. The recognition of the idea at Cannes, as well as the gradual acceptance of this society, show that Ukraine is part of the democratic Western world, which stands to protect the freedoms of its citizens,” - written on their Facebook page.

Ранее KlymenkoTime wrote about how a rainbow rally was held under the Office of the Presidentand also illuminated same-sex love book scandal between boys.

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