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18 July 2022 16: 00
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The templates are from the USA, and the pixel is from Poland: the other day, Ukrainian women at the forefront will test a new female uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A unified female military uniform will appear for women serving in the army for the first time in the history of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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The templates are from the USA, and the pixel is from Poland: the other day, Ukrainian women at the forefront will test a new female uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Already this week Ukrainian servicemen will be able to try the first samples of a unified female military uniform. 

This was announced by the deputy of the city council Irina Nikorak, the initiator of the "Arm Women Now" project (Let's arm women now. - Eng.), who took up the idea of ​​providing Ukrainian defenders with high-quality and functional uniforms, writes Air Ukraine.

According to the deputy, the first batch trousers, tunics and tactical underwear already this week will be handed over to the defenders free of charge in order to to test and make sure the form is functional and comfortable.

Patterns for the Ukrainian female form were developed according to the female form US armed forces, and the pixel was ordered in Poland. It is also reported that the organization plans to produce T-shirts, tactical shirts "Ubox", and for the fall - thermal underwear and warm winter clothes, which will be developed according to new patterns.

About idea start production of women's military uniforms the deputy announced back in early July, citing the fact that women fighting on the front line, and there are more than 30 thousand of them, constantly complain about the lack of women's military uniforms in Ukraine. Therefore, one has to either buy it abroad or sew it yourself.

"Women are issued male military uniforms without regard to female physiology. Almost 90% of women are forced to hem their uniforms if they have the opportunity in a full-scale war. It is necessary to provide our defenders with comfortable and functional military uniforms", - says Nikorak.

In the order of the Ministry of Defense № 238 approved single uniform standard - male. The female uniform is provided only for the front - tunic, skirt and boots with heels.

"However, the parade takes place once a year, and women have been on the collision line every day since 2014," - Member of the City Council

Men's sizes and styles of clothing do not match women's, explains Irina Nikorak. Pants can fit well in the hips, but will be too big at the waist, the tunics have long sleeves, the shoulder goes down almost to the elbow.

Women you have to alter the shape or adapt it with pins and tactical belt in the field. It's inconvenient and non-functional.

In particular, the Ministry of Defense confirmed that are working on the process of introducing uniforms for women, noting that there is now two initiative groups. The first is a group of volunteers with the support of the President's Office as part of the First Lady's project "Barrierless". And the second, already mentioned above - headed by a deputy of the Kyiv City Council Irina Nikorak.

Ministry of Defence held a meeting with both groups, where the need to analyze world experience female uniforms in other armies, as well as mandatory test experimental samples in the field.

In addition, as they said in the department, when creating a form, all types of female figures will be taken into accountin order to individually select clothes for women at the first stages, and also discusses and creation of special women's underwear, which is also important, given the physiological differences between women and men.

"The work continues, everyone works smoothly and interacts with the standardization service of the Ministry of Defense. Things are moving forward, we hope there will be a result soon. The priority for production is Ukrainian enterprises", - said the Ministry of Defense.

Project "Arm Women Now" financed by charitable contributions and through auctions involving showbiz stars and athletes. Volunteers have already managed to collect UAH 400, which was enough to sew 300 sets. But after the uniform is protested on the front line, the Ministry of Defense will be able to approve a single standard for women's uniforms and provide money for it in the budget.

Recall that last year before the parade of Independence Day of Ukraine The Ministry of Defense got into a "heeled" scandal. Then photos from the rehearsals of the parade appeared on the network, where the female “box” walks in heels that would look more appropriate under an evening dress. After a wave of indignation about this the Ministry of Defense still decided to abandon high-heeled shoes.

Let's hope that in this situation, the department will take a more responsible approach to the creation of a female uniform and take into account all the wishes of the Ukrainian military women themselves, who, perhaps, are the only ones who know what is more convenient for women to fight in.

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