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01 December 2022 14: 45
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Lavrov said that Russia is shelling the energy infrastructure, which helps to kill Russians: in Ukraine, they recalled the tribunal

Russia's rhetoric on the issue of war has toughened.

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Lavrov said that Russia is shelling the energy infrastructure, which helps to kill Russians: in Ukraine, they recalled the tribunal

The infrastructure of Ukraine being destroyed by the Russian army helps to kill Russians, while the US and NATO are directly involved in the war in Ukraine. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at a press conference on Dec.

“We are disabling energy facilities [in Ukraine] that allow you [the West] to pump deadly weapons into Ukraine to kill Russians, so don’t say that the US and NATO are not involved in this war. You are directly involved not only in the supply of weapons, but also in the training of military personnel.”- said Lavrov.

According to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, such training is being carried out in Great Britain, Italy, Germany and other countries. He also added that Western instructors are training the Ukrainian military on the ground on how to use Western weapons.

As for the talks, he said: “We never asked for any negotiations, but we always said that if someone has an interest in a negotiated solution, we are ready to listen”. And added that people "lying frankly"when they say that Russia is asking for negotiations.

Lavrov also said that OSCE representatives allegedly took part in adjusting the fire on Luhansk and Donetsk.

Note that the OSCE is also criticized in Ukraine. So, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky saidthat the OSCE is not sufficiently involved in trying to force Russia to end the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine did not understand the logic of Lavrov's statement

Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko reacted to Lavrov's words about the reasons for the shelling of Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

“I wonder if Lavrov will refute his participation in the crimes of the Putin regime at the international tribunal or plead guilty so as not to suffer for a long time?” He wrote.

Lavrov said that Russia is shelling the energy infrastructure that helps to kill Russians: in Ukraine, they reminded of the tribunal - photo 1

Recall that since October 10, 2022, Russia, on average, once a week carried out shelling of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, which led to a shortage of capacities in the Ukrainian energy system, and, for the last time, to a blackout in most regions of the country.

Civilians suffer from blackouts, who are left without light, water and heat, and some lose their jobs. It is also hard for the business, whose production capacity is stopped, growing losses. That is, in fact, the war has moved into the phase of causing large-scale damage to the population - moreover, not so many people suffer from missile strikes.

However, Russia continues to claim that this form of war is not directed against ordinary Ukrainians.

We also wrote about in Kyiv locally protested against blackouts, while the situation was promised to be controlledand told what Peskov said about Zelensky's proposal for negotiations.

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