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27 December 2022 20: 03
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Smoking harms not only health, but also accession to the EU: if Saakashvili dies, Georgia will not be admitted to the EU

It is doubtful that the convicted ex-president will be able to become a pass for Georgia to Europe, but it is quite a reason to refuse.

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Smoking harms not only health, but also accession to the EU: if Saakashvili dies, Georgia will not be admitted to the EU

It seems that the European Union has found a reason why Georgia can be denied accession to the EU and, oddly enough, the ex-president of Georgia, who is serving a sentence, has become one Mikheil Saakashvili. Polish diplomat and MEP Jacek Sariush-Wolski said Georgia's accession to the European Union directly related to the case of politics. Thus, a member of the group of European conservatives and reformers commented on the words of the leaders of the Georgian Dream party about the inappropriateness of drawing parallels between the case of Saakashvili and a promising European country, the newspaper reports. Georgia-Online.

"The parallels between the Saakashvili case and Georgia's accession to the EU are of fundamental importance. They are inseparable. The European Parliament will never support Georgia's accession to the EU if the ex-president dies in prison", - said Jacek-Wolsky.

But in fact, Saakashvili, who is serving his sentence, is currently not in prison, but is being treated at the Vivamed clinic in Tbilisi. True, the state of health of the politician really raises questions. In the summer, doctors put Saakashvili whole 17 diagnoses. And in November, the lawyer of the former president Shalva Khachapuridze stated that the number of diseases detected in Saakashvili has increased at least nineteen among them diseases such as dementia and tuberculosis. Khachapuridze later told reporters that medical tests showed the presence of arsenic in the politician's body.

In general, during the year of imprisonment, the former president of Georgia lost weight for 30 kilograms.

But against the backdrop of all these statements, on December 14, the Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia posted a video showing that the numerous health problems that Saakashvili’s lawyers and supporters constantly claim do not prevent him from eating normally, smoking, walking freely around the ward and even show a violent temper during quarrels with medical personnel.

The service said in a statement that these were made public "based on high public interest."

"The said video clearly shows the simulated actions of Mikheil Saakashvili, the purpose of which is to obstruct the administration of justice and mislead the public and international partners," - said in a statement.

The ex-president also noted that most of all he felt sorry for the staff of the clinic, and no matter what happened to him, they would be the least to blame for this.

"As for me, you can carry out the assassination plan you announced, but you cannot break me"- Saakashvili said.

What now, in the light of the MEP's statements about the direct connection between Georgia's accession to the EU and the life of the ex-president, acquires a new meaning.

Georgian Personal Data Protection Service said, which began to study the issue of the processing of Saakashvili's personal data and the disclosure of personnel by the penitentiary service.

Recall that in 2018 the former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili was sentenced in absentia to six years in prison because in 2005 he beat a deputy Valeria Gelashvili. In October 2021, Saakashvili was detained in Tbilisi. In prison, he went on a hunger strike.

Recall that in September 2021, when elections were to be held in the country, Mikheil Saakashvili illegally crossed the Georgian border, where he was wanted in several criminal cases. He was arrested and put in jail in the city Rustavi, where he went on a hunger strike. Prisoner transferred to a prison hospital in Tbilisi, and later - to the military hospital in Goriwhere did he end his hunger strike. FROM 12 this May Saakashvili is in the civil clinic "Vivamed" in Tbilisi. On the fifth floor of a high-rise building the ex-president is held in a separate chamberbut in custody.

His family is seeking medical treatment abroad, and as these attempts fail, the number of diagnoses of the ex-president of Georgia is growing exponentially. But it seems that at least some of them really exist, because in the summer Saakashvili's lawyer Valery Gelbakhiani stated that the former president of Georgia is leaving politics and intends to leave his party "United National Movement".

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