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08 November 2022 19: 30
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Who will go to fabulous Bali: Zelensky has decided, and Putin keeps the intrigue

There is exactly a week left before the G-20 summit, and if the Presidential Office gave an answer today regarding Zelensky’s participation in it, then the Kremlin is still waiting for something.

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Who will go to fabulous Bali: Zelensky has decided, and Putin keeps the intrigue

The key political events of November can rightfully be considered intermediate US congressional elections и GXNUMX summitto be held November 15–16 on an indonesian island Points.

And if the US elections have already started and are in full swing, then G-20 while they are actively preparing. And in connection with this the main intrigue remains: will the President of Russia go to Indonesia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and if not, who will he send instead of himself, and whether the Ukrainian leader will take part in a political event Vladimir Zelensky. And, accordingly, the resulting assumptions about the possibility or impossibility their meetings on the sidelines of the summit.

Zelensky will take part in the G-20

And if the Kremlin is still holding an intrigue, then the President's Office has already decided. At least Zelensky's press secretary Sergey Nikiforov in the comment"Public"said that the head of state would take part in the G-20 leaders' summit, but most likely in an online format.

"In some format, of course, that Vladimir Zelensky will take part in the G20 summit. I can't say more", - he said.

True, less than a week ago, the President of Ukraine categorically stated that withdraw from the summit if it is present Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

"I do not follow the participation of others in the G-20 summit. My personal position and the position of Ukraine was that if the leader of the Russian Federation participates, then Ukraine will not participate. Let's see how it will be in the future," - declared Zelensky.

Thus, it can be assumed that in the Office of the President sure that Putin will not be at the summit.

You didn't say yes, my lord, you didn't say no.

Nevertheless, Moscow has not yet given a clear answerwhether the Russian leader will go to Indonesia, or the Russian Federation will be represented by someone instead of him. Therefore, one has to be content with assumptions, rumors and conjectures.

On October 31, Putin announced that a decision on his trip to the G20 summit has not yet been made. Prior to that, on October 27, he did not rule out that he would go to the GXNUMX summit, and promised to think about it.

Today Russian Media, citing a source close to the presidential administration, claim that Putin is likely to refrain from traveling to Indonesia, since nothing is heard about the active preparation of the President of the Russian Federation for the event. Presumably, the Russian leader at the summit can be replaced by the head of the Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov.

When asked by journalists whether Lavrov is true will lead a delegation to the G20, speaker of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov answered: "We'll let you know in a timely manner". Yesterday, talking to the press, he promised that this week the question of who will go to Bali will be decided.

Changeable Joko Widodo

In turn, the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo said yesterday that he was not sure that Putin might not appear at the upcoming summit. He said this in an interview with the newspaper Financial Times.

Widodo referred to recent telephone conversations with the Russian leader. As a result of the conversation, the Indonesian leader got the impression that Putin does not plan to take part in the meeting "twenties". And today in comments to Reuters Widodo said that the President of Russia will attend the summit "if possible", adding that Putin could also attend virtually.

At the same time, yesterday the press secretary of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry Utama networks expressed hope on the fact that heads of all G20 countrieswill appear at the summit. He stressed that this applies to Russia with Ukraine which, although not included in the "twenty", received an invitation back in April of this year.

G20 and Putin-Biden talks

Another question that interests many in connection with the upcoming G20 summit is whether Putin's meeting with US President Joe Biden. The head of the White House declared that he was not ready for a dialogue with the President of the Russian Federation. However, the latter also said that he has nothing to talk about with Biden.

But given that the political agenda is now "capricious young lady" and changeable, since that time the opinion of both presidents could change.

Take at least what US urges Ukraine to show openness to negotiations with Russia. And Vladimir Zelensky seems to have listened, because despite the presence law prohibiting negotiations with Putin called the main conditions for the start of the peace process. In this case, President of the RF, said he was ready to wait until Ukraine will want to speak.

Who will go to Bali

Confirmed their participation in the summit 17 out of 20 top twenty. Selected units of the Indonesian army, navy, police and intelligence will guard the heads of the leading countries of the world. In Indonesia, even a review of the forces that will ensure security has already been held.

"The total number of security forces guarding the summit is 18. Of these, more than 030 are members of the national army. The rest are the police and special services," - I said, Andika Perkasa, Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces.

To ensure the health and safety of event delegates Indonesian government trains medical workers and medical institutions, this is stated by Twitter G20.

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