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03 June 2021 14: 55
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Who would doubt: Prytula officially admitted that the "Voice" is sponsored by Soros' partner

And we've known it for so long

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Who would doubt: Prytula officially admitted that the "Voice" is sponsored by Soros' partner

Showman and politician Sergey Pritula officially admitted that one of the main partners of Soros and a citizen of the Czech Republic Tomas Fiala sponsors the "Voice" party. About this TV presenter said in the commentary of RBC-Ukraine.

We are talking about analytical material released on the resource. It is dedicated to the planned at that time "anti-oligarchic law", which is now actively discussed in the media. The RBC article cites a number of Ukrainian businessmen who may fall under this law and who have large capitals, their own media, influence on politics, etc.

Among them "lit up" and Tomas Fiala. Recall that this is a major businessman, a citizen of the Czech Republic. He is considered the "right hand" of Soros in Ukraine and Eastern Europe as a whole. In addition, Fiala has great interests in our country: his investment company Dragon Capital is buying up real estate, and the businessman himself (with a capital of almost half a billion dollars) owns its own media (NV and Ukrainskaya Pravda, recently bought by him) and, as it turned out, directly sponsors the Voice party.

The ex-candidate for the measures of Kyiv Prytula, who has recently been actively trying to arrange a kind of political force in the political force, blabbed "coup" and take the place of its leader. So, in a media commentary, he said that Fiala is one of the main sponsors of the Voice.

“According to Serhiy Prytula, Tomas Fiala is one of the sponsors of the Holos party, which is represented in parliament”- пишет edition.

It should be noted that this statement can and should be considered as a basis for opening a criminal case by, at least, NACP or other law enforcement agencies. The foreign entrepreneur, whose net worth is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, has a big business in Ukraine, acquires national media and sponsors parties represented in parliament.

It would seem, why not a ready-made "figurant" of the law on oligarchs? And, finally, what right does a citizen of a third country have to invest in Ukrainian politicians? This is a direct violation of the law, for which responsibility must follow. Nevertheless, for some reason, there is confidence that the Ukrainian law enforcement officers “will not notice” Tomas Fiala and he will continue to calmly conduct his business and influence decision-making in our country.

We have previously detailed wrote about Prytula's plans to "overthrow" the current leadership of Golos and personally take the post of party leader.

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