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19 January 2021 16: 57
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The crisis of the political genre: after Vakarchuk, showman Sergei Prytula gathered to leave the Voice party

Apparently, he also realized that politics is not his calling.

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The crisis of the political genre: after Vakarchuk, showman Sergei Prytula gathered to leave the Voice party

Showman and former candidate for mayor of Kyiv Serhiy Prytula plans to leave the Voice party and quit politics.

If this information is really confirmed, then Golos will at least have problems in the media space.

Recall that Serhiy Prytula in 2019 ran on the lists of "Voice" in the Verkhovna Rada, but did not pass. Last year, the showman became a candidate from this party in the elections for the mayor of Kyiv, and, gaining almost 8% of the vote, took third place.

With external modest political successes, the overall recognition of Prytula, in principle, gave him the opportunity to continue his political career.

But he, apparently, decided to quit politics, even despite the fact that he received certain proposals. At least so claims Telegram channel "Secrets of the Deputy".

“Prytula wants to move away from politics as much as possible in the shortest possible time, following the example of his colleague Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. Sergei was offered to participate in several projects, including a new one for Sentsov, but there will be a very large load. Therefore, Prytula decided to technically completely leave politics..

If you believe the Telegram channel, then the departure of Prytula for the party is not a surprise.

“The Golos party knows about the plans, so the selection of media people who can replace Prytula in the party’s PR has already begun. But the future of the "Voice" is in question".

And it’s hard to disagree with the fact that the future of Golos is really in question, even if the current party leader Kira Rudyk is looking for ways to retreat.

“A source in BP says that some of the Golos deputies are ready to receive money from Poroshenko for voting in the Rada. Kira Rudyk was unable to save the ratings after Vakarchuk left. Golos is already less than 3% and will continue to fall. Rudyk herself is also thinking of returning to business and quitting politics. In narrow circles, she talks about negotiations with Amazon. And that politics in her life is nothing but dirt. Political technologists of the party believe that another departed leader will be a nuisance for Golos, so they began to work out options for a way out of the situation., - sums up the Telegram channel.

However, all this confusion and vacillation was to be expected. The clearly pro-Western party, hastily put together, it is not clear from whom, began to fall apart after the very first serious political trials. The project is already, in fact, dead and not interesting to sponsors.

Earlier we wrote about how Vakarchuk ingloriously left from Ukrainian politics.

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