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06 October 2022 18: 30
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Beauty will not save the world: at a beauty contest in Bali, a Russian woman and a Ukrainian woman were accommodated in the same room - a scandal erupted

The representative of Ukraine said that she was "for peace, love, friendship," but she could not live in the same room with those who "torture her brothers and sisters."

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Beauty will not save the world: at a beauty contest in Bali, a Russian woman and a Ukrainian woman were accommodated in the same room - a scandal erupted

At the international beauty contest Miss Grand International, which this year takes place in Indonesia, a scandal erupted. Representative of Ukraine 22-year-old fitness trainer and model from Ivano-Frankivsk Olga Vasiliev, was indignant that they were trying to put her in the same room with a Russian woman.

"Today my story is this: in the midst of long hours of traveling to the @missgrandinternational contest, where my main mission and goal is once again to tell the world about my country, our Ukrainian spirit, our beauty, our strength, that we I received news that caused wild rage and pain in me - my roommate will be a contestant from a terrorist country, from a country devoid of any norms and rules, from an invader country, from a disgusting and vile spot, for me against the backdrop of our beautiful planet, from Russia!!!" Olga wrote on her Instagram.

She also encouraged her readers to spread the story and reach out to the competition president to resolve the issue.

"Dear @nawat.tv, believe me, I am also for peace, love, friendship and support, but not with those who have no forgiveness! Not with those who torture my brothers and sisters. Not with those who took the lives of so many of my Ukrainians", she stressed.


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Publication from OLGA VASYLIV (@olgavslv)

After reading the words of a Ukrainian woman, one might think that the Russian contestant at least somewhere spoke out in support of the Russian invasion, and at the maximum took a direct part in it, but no, the 24-year-old model Katerina Asashenkova although he does not openly condemn the actions of the authorities of his country, he tries to adhere, like most Russians, to a neutral opinion. She is calls war in Ukraine "political situation" and speaks "for world peace".

"I am the first in my family who was born in Russia. All the rest are from Ukraine. For me, this whole political situation is extremely difficult, and I hope that my voice will be heard during the ceremony. I am against hatred and I am for friendship, love and world around the world"- says Astashenkova.

The idea to settle a Ukrainian and a Russian woman together is not an accident, suggests president of the national beauty pageant Natalia Kovaleva. It looks too much like an attempt at reconciliation in the Vatican, when representatives of the two countries carried the cross together at Easter.

"I think it was deliberately done. Maybe out of some good wishes, but this is not the time to do it. She went there to represent her country and protect its interests.", Natalia convinces.

The organizers listened to the opinion of the Ukrainian participant and at the moment it is known that without any explanation or comments she was relocated to another building to the participant from Bolivia. A Russian woman in her Instagram wrote: "Today I am alone in my room. And now this room seems to be all mine."

Earlier we wrote that the Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio dating a young model from Ukraine, who has already managed to be married to the grandson of an associate of the Libyan revolutionary Muammar Gaddafi.

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