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06 December 2022 09: 15
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Cat, dog, parrot, fish: how to help pets in case of blackout and lack of heat

The main thing is that they have water, food and the opportunity to keep warm.

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Cat, dog, parrot, fish: how to help pets in case of blackout and lack of heat

From the blackouts caused by the shelling of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, not only people suffer, but also animals. In this regard, the UAnimals movement and ordinary Ukrainians, based on their experience, published key recommendationshow to prepare for complete blackouts for people who have pets, because you need to be ready for any scenario.

If you have a four-legged friend, you need:

  • stock up on food for the animal, preferring dry and other foods that can be stored without a refrigerator;
  • purchase the necessary veterinary drugs if the animal needs them;
  • you need to find out if a veterinarian or a person with a veterinary education lives nearby;
  • it is necessary to prepare a supply of drinking water only for your animal;
  • you need to collect things that can serve as heating for your animal in case of a lack of heat supply;
  • it is worth stocking up on bags and rags for cleaning up after the animal, if walking on the street is difficult;
  • you need to find out if your neighbors need to walk animals. With elevators and lights off, walking an animal can be a big challenge for retirees and people with limited mobility.

If you have a parrot

The parrot can be heated with bottles of heated water, and the cage can be wrapped with foil and covered with a blanket so that it does not lose heat. Bottles must be glass so that the bird does not gnaw them. Bricks, stones, etc. can also be heated on fire and used as a water bottle.

The situation depends on the type of parrot: for example, Australians and ringed parrots feel fine even at sub-zero temperatures and can even have chicks. But in this case, the main thing is gradual adaptation so that the physiology of the bird has time to get used to the new conditions, and a sharp temperature drop can harm even hardy species.

It will be more difficult with African and South American parrots, but they will also withstand a slight drop in temperature, the main thing is that there is food.

If you have fish

In this case, the most important thing is to look for ways to heat water. If there is gas or the ability to heat water on an open fire on the street, you can surround the aquarium with bottles of heated water, stones, bricks (so that they do not touch the glass, but stand almost close to each other), pick up a heating pad and lower it into the aquarium or heat the water and add a little. But it is better to stock up on a preventive tourist stove and gas cylinders - then the issue of heating will be resolved for a certain time.

Given the extraordinary conditions, the volumes of water in the aquarium can be reduced or, if possible, moved to a smaller aquarium. Its walls for heat preservation can be overlaid with foam and foil for thermal protection. It is important to change the water as often as possible so that there is enough oxygen in it.

The aquarium itself must be moved to that part of the room that warms up as much as possible in the new conditions.

In case of amphibians, snakes and other similar animals will be much more difficult. Therefore, if the blackout is delayed, if possible, it is better to transfer such animals to the local zoo, where they can be professionally taken care of.

We also wrote about how to calm animals during shellingand told what happens to Ukrainian reserves during the war.

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