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April 29 2022 10: 05
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The US Congress finally approved Lend-Lease for Ukraine: the pros and cons of the program

Deliveries of equipment to Ukraine will involve its return.

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The US Congress finally approved Lend-Lease for Ukraine: the pros and cons of the program

The House of Representatives of the US Congress, following the Senate, approved a bill on lend-lease for Ukraine, which is designed to simplify the supply of weapons to the country. The document will be submitted for signature to the President of the United States.

In the description of the document it is saidthat the bill will give the US administration the right to provide or lease military equipment to Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe until fiscal year 2023.

At the same time, the provision of such equipment to Ukraine must still be carried out in accordance with laws that imply its subsequent return. So far, more detailed lend-lease conditions for Ukraine have not been announced.

The US House of Representatives upheld the bill the same day the US president asked for approval of an additional $33 billion for Ukraine, citing the spending of emergency military funding approved by Congress in March.

So, according to the speaker of the White House Jen Psak, out of the previous amount of $ 3,5 billion allocated in March, only 250 million remained. The amount requested now is almost 10 times more, which, in the context of the decision on lend-lease, indicates the prospect of extremely large-scale arms supplies to Ukraine.

What will change the law for Ukraine

Head of the President's Office Andrey Ermak explainedthan the adoption of the lend-lease law is beneficial for Ukraine:

  • The text of the document refers to granting the US President expanded powers to transfer or lease defense assets to Ukraine. That is, the President of the United States will be able to make such decisions without the approval of Congress, but within the budget established by Congress.
  • After the adoption of the act, the chairman of the White House is obliged within 60 days to establish accelerated procedures for the delivery of products.
  • The Lend-Lease Act makes it possible to significantly speed up the supply of weapons, transport, food and aid from the United States to Ukraine.

In addition, Yermak sees lend-lease as US confidence in Ukraine's victory, probably due to the fact that classic lend-lease involves paying for the cost of received and surviving equipment after the war.

What Ukraine can get thanks to Lend-Lease

Pentagon Head Lloyd Austin stated that the United States considers it most important to supply Ukraine with long-range air defense systems such as the S-300, which play a decisive role in military operations. Austin also stressed the importance of getting heavy weapons delivered as quickly as possible.

So, thanks to the program, Ukraine can be supplied with:

  • US M2A3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles;
  • SAM Patriot;
  • Multifunctional light fighters of the 4th generation F-16 C / D;
  • Mobile Norwegian air defense system NASAMS 2;
  • Multiple launch rocket systems on HIMARS wheeled chassis;
  • Self-propelled guns M109A6 Paladin;
  • Tanks of the third generation M1A2 Abrams;
  • Universal launcher / MLRS M270 MLRS.

The US Congress finally approved Lend-Lease for Ukraine: the pros and cons of the program - photo 1

Pitfalls of Lend-Lease

Lend-Lease is a state program, according to which the United States supplied its allies in World War II with various weapons (any weapons, ammunition, aircraft, ships, equipment, etc.). The concept of the program gave the President of the United States the authority to assist any country whose defense was deemed vital to the United States.

According to the program, the property transferred within its framework, which remained after the war and is suitable for civilian purposes, must be paid for by the recipient country using loans provided by the United States or returned if the American side is interested in this.

As a result of the war, the Americans insisted on paying only for the supply of surviving equipment for civilian needs (railway transport, power plants, trucks, etc.), and did not demand compensation for military equipment destroyed during the fighting.

For example, the volume of deliveries to the USSR was estimated by the Americans at $10,8 billion. debts were signed only in 2,6: the USSR undertook to pay 1972 million dollars, including interest. After the collapse of the USSR, Russia became the legal successor of the debt and fully repaid it in August 722.

That is, the recipient country of weapons can expect more than a dozen years of payments under this program.

Who voted

The document was approved by an overwhelming majority of votes - 417 in favor and 10 against.

The US Congress finally approved Lend-Lease for Ukraine: the pros and cons of the program - photo 2

The Republicans opposed

  • Dan Bishop from North Carolina;
  • Margery Taylor Green from Georgia;
  • Matt Gaetz from Florida;
  • Paul Gosar of Arizona;
  • Ralph Norman from South Carolina;
  • Scott Perry from Pennsylvania;
  • Tom Tiffany from Wisconsin;
  • Thomas Massey of Kentucky;
  • Warren Davidson of Ohio;
  • Andy Biggs from Arizona.

This is a group of deputies - supporters Donald Trump, which media opponents of the politician call "Putin's wing of the Republican Party." Recall that six of these deputies also voted against bipartisan law that required the US presidential administration to Joe Biden detail efforts to collect evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

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