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17 July 2022 12: 38
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The conflict between Biden and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia: what does the energy crisis have to do with it and what awaits Ukraine?

The verbal skirmish between the President of the United States and Mohammed bin Salman can say a lot about the situation in the oil market and the future of Europe

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The conflict between Biden and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia: what does the energy crisis have to do with it and what awaits Ukraine?

US President's trip Joe Biden to Saudi Arabia was unsuccessful. The meeting with the crown prince ended with mutual accusations of war crimes and a hint of a break in diplomatic relations. We understand what this means for the whole world in general and for Ukraine in particular. 

The essence of the conflict

Biden I visited summit of the leaders of the Gulf and Arab states, which was attended by six countries. The American leader said that the United States is interested in expanding activities in the Middle East and in the development of the region. However, as it turned out, not everyone shares his aspirations. First Deputy Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince of the Kingdom Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud replied that the States should not interfere in the affairs of sovereign states and extend their influence to foreign cultures. 

“All the countries of the world, especially the United States and the Kingdom (Saudi Arabia - approx.), have many common values, but there are some values ​​that they differ in understanding. Attempts to impose these values ​​by force, as happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, are counterproductive, and the US has not succeeded in them. - so sounded his words. 

In response, Biden unexpectedly announced that he considers the crown prince of Saudi Arabia guilty of the murder of a journalist. Jamal Khashoggi in 2018 and that he does not regret his earlier threats to turn the kingdom into a rogue state.

“He essentially said that he personally was not responsible for it. I pointed out what I thought was"- said the head of the United States during a press conference.

Followed by a retort Mohammed bin Salman. The Crown Prince noted that everyone makes mistakes, including the US government. As confirmation of his words, he cited the events in Iraq, reports to Reuters.

Battle for oil

This verbal duel hides the main goal that Biden wanted to achieve. We are talking about increasing oil production in Saudi Arabia, which could mitigate the energy crisis in Europe and reduce dependence on Russian raw materials. 

Apparently, Washington's expectations were not justified. Oil supplies will increase minimally - from 10-12 to 13 million barrels. 

“Saudi Arabia has announced an increase in production capacity to 13 million barrels per day. The kingdom has no additional capacity to increase production."Mohammed bin Salman said.

However, growth will be gradual. According to the forecasts of the crown prince, they will be able to receive 13 million barrels only by 2027. 

The results of the meeting were so insignificant that Biden even refused to make a statement about increasing oil supplies, writes Bloomberg.

This means that the West remains dependent on Russian energy resources and will continue to finance the Russian economy, despite declarative statements about Ukraine's support. In addition, another failure of Biden indicates a weakening of the US position in the world. 

In the States themselves, dissatisfaction with Biden is growing. The American media have started talking about the fact that in November the incumbent president faces impeachment if the US Democratic Party loses control of both houses of Congress after the midterm elections. Time will tell what will happen next, but such a scenario does not bode well for Ukraine. At the very least, the battle between Democrats and Republicans will push the topic of war with Russia into the background. And without the material and informational support of the West, we, alas, cannot cope. 

We previously reported that the EU is suspending aid to Ukraine, and explained why this is happening. 

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