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31 May 2022 15: 30
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Communal, heating, pensions and free travel to the EU: what will change for Ukrainians from June 1

For Ukrainians, the concessions introduced at the beginning of the war are gradually being canceled.

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Communal, heating, pensions and free travel to the EU: what will change for Ukrainians from June 1

From June 1, 2022, Ukrainians will face a number of changes related to utilities, heat tariffs, pensions, and others. We tell you what awaits us with the beginning of summer.

Rise in price of heating

From June 1, Naftogaz plans to raise gas prices for energy companies. The price will increase by more than 3 times - UAH 29,392 thousand / thousand. cube m (with VAT).

In this case, This will not affect the payments for the population in any way., since the Cabinet of Ministers proposes to introduce a moratorium on the increase in prices and tariffs in the natural gas market and in the field of heat supply during martial law throughout Ukraine and within 6 months after its termination or cancellation.

Note that the bill provides for compensation of the difference in tariffs only for the population and budgetary organizations, and compensation for all other consumers is not provided, which can lead to a significant increase in debts for gas due to rising prices. And the rise in heating prices for other consumers will lead to an increase in prices for goods and services for all Ukrainians.

Utility tariffs

Electricity tariffs for the population will remain at the same level as they were in May: UAH 1,44. per kilowatt when consuming up to 250 kWh, and 1,68 hryvnia per kilowatt beyond that.

Water tariffs will be set by local water utilities, and prices will be approved by the National Commission, which carries out state regulation in the field of energy and utilities. At present, no increase in the cost of water supply has been reported.

Recall that collection of utility bills from Ukrainians during the period of martial law is prohibited.


In June, changes in the calculation of pensions are not provided, all the main payments will be made from July. And this:

  • almost a million war veterans and victims of Nazi persecution will receive annual one-time assistance, for more details on which - in our material;
  • from July the minimum pension will increase - from UAH 1934 to 2027;
  • scheduled for July recalculation of pensions for working pensioners. Pensions were indexed back in April, but due to the delay in filing tax returns, the government failed to make payments on time.

Cancellation of credit holidays

From June 1, 2022, most banks will cancel credit holidays and return the old interest on credit cards.

В "PrivatBank" returned "Pay by installments" and some other programs. In addition, credit holidays have been cancelled. The bank decided to encourage Ukrainians to make payments on time and introduced a new rule: if you pay at least 5% of the debt, the preferential rate will remain.

В Monobank From June 1, 2022, it will be possible to increase the credit limit. But it will be possible to do this subject to an increase in the lending rate from 1,6% to 3,1%.

Kyivstar closes popular services

From June 1, 2022 for Kyivstar subscribers will be unavailable three promotional packages of services that were quite popular before: "4G 10000 MB", "Bonus 1000" and "Bonus 3000 MB".

Along with this, the company announced a new military tariff plan "LOVE UA", which will be effective from June 2 for business and contract customers and the details of which will be announced on the day of launch.

Cancellation of free travel for refugees

Since June 1, a number of EU countries (Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic) have decided to cancel free travel for Ukrainians. Instead, in Germany and the Czech Republic, they offer to purchase preferential travel cards for Ukrainians for all types of transport at a cost of 9 and 7 euros, respectively.

In countries that are not included in this list, as before, it is enough to present a Ukrainian passport for travel.

You can follow the changes in the rules of travel for Ukrainians in European public transport on a special website for people who flee to the EU from the war in Ukraine.

We also wrote that in Ukraine may be banned from extorting debts from military personneland told what is happening in the fruit and vegetable market because of the war.

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