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03 December 2022 13: 32
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Klitschko said that the metro in Kyiv will not work, and Ukrenergo is going to sue the Russian Federation

Kyiv will be left without a metro in the event of a complete power outage in the capital. At this time, Ukrenergo announced that it was going to bill the Russians for each destroyed facility.

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Klitschko said that the metro in Kyiv will not work, and Ukrenergo is going to sue the Russian Federation

In the event of a complete lack of electricity in Kyiv as a result of enemy strikes, the movement of metro trains will be suspended, and underground stations will work as points of temporary stay for people and as shelter during an alarm. This was announced by the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klichko in Telegram

“The movement of metro trains, in the event of an emergency and a lack of power supply, will be suspended. 45 underground metro stations will operate as temporary residence points for people and as shelter during an alarm. Entrance to the stations will be free, but you need to have an identity document with you” , - said Klitschko. 

At the subway stations will be available: Internet connection; electricity (the ability to recharge mobile phones and other gadgets); drinking water; sanitary facilities. 

At the same time, Klitschko warned that the average temperature at metro stations is 12-14 degrees Celsius, so you need to wear winter clothes and additionally have warm clothes.

Stations of the ground section of the metro will not be used for the needs of civil protection (as shelters for the population in case of emergencies and during an air raid).

The mayor also said that in the event of new enemy attacks on the energy system of Ukraine and the complete absence of electricity in the capital as a result of this, buses will operate on all land transport routes. Travel will be free.

Klitschko explained that all bus fleets of the capital are provided with the necessary fuel and have automatic energy sources, in particular, gasoline and diesel generators.

Ukrenergo wants to reckon with the Russians

Ukrenergo will soon bill the Russians for the destroyed Ukrainian facilities - a legal mechanism is already being developed.

About it said Legal Director of NPC "Ukrenergo" Maxim Yurkov at the VII BUSINESS & LEGAL ENERGY FORYM.

"We record all damage in real time, on a daily basis. We draw up an estimate and in the near future we will issue an invoice to the Russians for our destroyed facilities. We already have some experience in invoicing the Russian Federation.

Because we are one of the few who have sued and are continuing this process with respect to our assets in Crimea," Yurkov said.

According to him, a legal mechanism is already being developed, thanks to which the company will be able to protect its interests in compensation for the damage caused.

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