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28 November 2022 15: 30
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Klitschko called on the people of Kiev to prepare for the worst scenario, and Kyiv lost 20% of its population

The mayor believes that the topic around heating points is overly politicized.

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Klitschko called on the people of Kiev to prepare for the worst scenario, and Kyiv lost 20% of its population

In recent days, political scandals have arisen around the work of the Points of Invincibility in Kyiv, which we talked about in more detail in the link material. Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klichko reported about the situation and officially commented on what was happening.

According to Klitschko, after a large-scale shelling of Ukraine on November 23, all services worked as efficiently as possible and were able to supply water to all houses a day after the shelling. The power supply has also been fully restored, but cuts have to be applied due to a general shortage in Ukrainian networks. Electric transport also operates in the city, mainly the metro, and the city's life support systems are functioning properly.

Klitschko stressed that now there is a lot of speculation around the topic evacuation of the people of Kiev, noting that it would be a big mistake not to prepare for different scenarios of events, including the most negative one. Rather, partial evacuation is possible - the movement of people of certain categories to the suburbs, where certain services necessary for them will be available. Earlier it was reported that they could evacuate, for example, nursing homes or partially hospitals. We are not talking about resettlement to another region or going abroad.

The mayor noted that 430 heating points operate in the city (for some reason, they said in the OP that they checked 530 such points in the capital), where there is heat, water, telecommunications, internet. And all hospitals, kindergartens, schools, etc. already equipped with electric generators, the authorities control the required amount of fuel for them. A supply of fuel has already been made for public transport.

“The topic is already, unfortunately, politically tinged. Despite the current situation, political battles began around her. I do not want, especially in the current situation, to join them. This is silly. I have things to do. But I have already said it and I will repeat it again: I will not allow manipulation. Me deputies from the party in power, when I meet them during a detour and check points they say in person that everything is fine with points, and then they make carbon copy posts that everything is bad. This looks wild. And for the people of Kiev. And for foreign partners. Ukrainians need in a single team, not political hustle»- said Klitschko.

Klitschko called on the people of Kiev too Prepare for all scenarios, including - and for the worse, and stock up on technical and drinking water, stock up on food that can be cooked or consumed without using electricity, take care of warm clothes, charge laptops, phones and power banks.

“And in the event of a bad scenario, it would be good if everyone had the opportunity to either go to their house in the suburbs, where there is water, a stove, or go to their friends. But we are doing everything to ensure that the worst case does not happen.”, the mayor said.

In Kyiv, the population has significantly decreased

On According to People's Deputy Yaroslav ZheleznyakKyiv has already lost a fifth of its population.

So, by the beginning of the war, according to the analysis of mobile traffic, 3.7 million people lived in the city, and as of this autumn - 3 million Kyivans and 400 thousand immigrants from other regions.

It should be noted that the population of the capital began to decline from 2021 - last year, the population of the country's main city fell by 0,17%, which is a clear indicator of the crisis in the country.

V Kiyve sushchestvenno umen'shilos' naseleniye

So, when everything is in order in the state, there is urbanization and a gradual increase in the number of inhabitants with a simultaneous outflow of the population from the regions. When problems begin in the state, people leave big cities, since it is often easier to survive in the provinces and private homes, because you can grow food in the garden and heat yourself autonomously. A similar outflow of population from large cities was observed only in the 90s, after the collapse of the USSR.

And the war accelerated and aggravated this process.

Earlier, we talked about where to find invincibility points in your locality and how they function and wrote about where to withdraw cash when the lights are turned off and bank cards are not accepted.

We also reported that Are Ukrainian utilities and energy companies ready for the first frosts? And they wrote that, according to the first lady - Ukrainians are ready to sit without light and heat for 2-3 years in the event of the prospect of EU membership.

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