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15 January 2021 12: 57
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Animal shelter "Sirius" will not survive the January frosts with new tariffs

With raised tariffs and the coming cold weather, the largest animal shelter in the Kiev region may not be able to cope. How our smaller friends will survive this winter, KlymenkoTime found out.

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Sirius Animal Shelter Won't Survive January Frosts With New Tariffs

From January 14 to 15, as predicted by the Hydrometeorological Center, snow fell, and soon the temperature outside will reach 20 degrees below zero. KlymenkoTime has already published material on how the people of Ukraine are preparing for cold snap. Now we decided to ask about it Alexander Mezinov, director of the largest animal shelter in the Kiev region "Sirius".

In 2019, when severe frosts lasted for several weeks, according to Alexandra, they had to turn on the heated floor in the enclosures for cats, and about 20 thousand hryvnias for electricity dripped in a month. This year, the director hoped to do without additional heating, as the winter promised to be warm and loyal, but it did not work out. According to her, the payment for electricity this heating season will hit the budget hard.. If in the summer of 2021 the bill was from 9 to 12 thousand hryvnia, now the figure may be more than 40 thousand.

"This year we installed floor heating in 3 large rooms, because there are more animals that need warmth. I don't know how to cope. I wouldn't say that the tariffs have been greatly reduced or made them fair for the population. I will write a post on Facebook, ask for help. I hope we can last."

Animal shelter Sirius will not survive the January frosts with new tariffs - photo 1

However, this winter the shelter has big problems: the price of gas and electricity will increase dramatically. Mezinova said that "Sirius" will switch to "green".

"We will review our reconstruction project. We have already discussed the issue with architects. We decided to switch to solid fuel and water boilers. We are also thinking about an alternative type of electricity - solar panels. This will significantly reduce costs."

In the meantime, before the onset of cold weather, the shelter staff try their best to clean all the enclosures from dirt, from old and wet straw, before all this has time to freeze. Lay clean and dry hay. We have already insulated some booths where old dogs, puppies or injured animals live.

"We put on sweatshirts and overalls for short-haired dogs and cats. We also managed to completely close more than 20 enclosures, make curtains on all sides so that snow and wind do not blow in. In booths and houses, we are gradually making curtains of thick fabric to keep the heat inside" .

Animal shelter Sirius will not survive the January frosts with new tariffs - photo 2

“We are taking the very weak and young to a closed heated room. They will definitely not endure frost. In the new modules built back in September 2020, we will turn on heated floors. We will place smooth-haired dogs and pets there. Fortunately, we managed to stock up on food, buy meat, food and cereals. I was worried that because of the snowfall the roads would be swept up, and the suppliers simply would not reach us" - notes the director of "Sirius".

Animal shelter Sirius will not survive the January frosts with new tariffs - photo 3

Aleksanra is embarrassed to talk about it, but the finances for work are still very lacking. According to her, the same firewood that is lying in the yard is borrowed, and they need to be bought more, but there is no more opportunity. You also need extruded food and cereals for animals. We also need vaccinations for cats and veterinary preparations - they are also running out.

"The only good thing about this is that our debt is no more than 100 hryvnias. This is not 600, as it was last year."

Sirius has also prepared new enclosures to receive dogs and cats that will need shelter this winter. Alexandra assures that the cold has not yet begun, and the shelter is already receiving calls with requests to help stray or injured animals.

Animal shelter Sirius will not survive the January frosts with new tariffs - photo 4

"Yesterday, for example, at night we called rescuers - near Kyiv, someone found a lost dog behind the garages, which gave birth to 5 puppies. We had to take them from The turtle dove lives in Sirius, she was also injured, we cured her, but we will release her after the cold weather. Survives the winter in a shelter and a hedgehog.

Oh yes, and our pride is Methodius the goat. We equipped an aviary for him, remade it as much as possible, since a goat's hooves must be warm, otherwise he will become seriously ill. They replaced the rotten boards, raised the thresholds, threw in hay so that it would not blow out.

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