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04 December 2022 18: 40
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Kyiv wants to disrupt the UN initiative to renew the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline - Russian media

According to Russia, Kyiv is preparing a provocation to thwart the UN initiative to resume the transit of ammonia through the Togliatti-Odessa pipeline.

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Kyiv wants to disrupt the UN initiative to renew the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline - Russian media

Kyiv is planning a provocation on the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline. 

It is reported RIA News" with reference to the military-diplomatic source.

According to him, on the territory of the Odessa port plant, “directed explosions of explosive charges on the domed roofs of storage facilities for ammonia will be carried out in order to destroy suspended ceilings, as well as undermine the infrastructure of the ammonia reloading shop, under the legend of their alleged “defeat” as a result of a “missile strike” by Russian armed forces."

The source added that the provocation was planned and carried out under the control of representatives of the British special services located in Odessa. In addition, according to him, contractors of PMC GardaWorld Canada are related to her - they allegedly guard the port infrastructure in the Odessa region.

The interlocutor noted that the main goal of the provocation is to deprive Russia of the opportunity to supply ammonia to various regions of the world, primarily to developing countries.

“The planned destruction of storage facilities for ammonia in Odessa will lead to a further increase in its value on the world market. This will increase the volumes, as well as the profitability of the production and export of ammonia by UK and US enterprises to the European Union and developing countries in the face of high natural gas prices,” the source summed up.

Another murky situation has developed around natural gas and the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. In Europe, it is assumed that damage to Nord Stream could be the work of both Russia and Ukraine. 

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