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How to choose the right skincare for your age? Promo

Skin care is necessary for everyone: from infancy to old age.

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How to choose the right skincare for your age?

Naturally, for each age it is specific. What should you pay attention to when choosing skin care cosmetics according to age?


At this age, the skin does not yet undergo age-related changes. Therefore, many young girls neglect the appropriate beauty ritual, thinking that face care cosmetics they don't need. And they do it completely in vain. Adequate hydration and nutrition at the age of 25-30 can save you from serious skin problems in the future. However, you need to carefully look at the label. Allowed Ingredients:

  • natural antioxidants;
  • fruit acids;
  • vitamins.

A maximum of natural ingredients, a minimum of flavors and preservatives is the key to a good product.


Despite the young age, metabolic processes in the cells of the body begin to slow down. The skin becomes dull, mimic wrinkles appear. During this period, preference should be given to cosmetics based on:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • collagen;
  • plant extracts;
  • nourishing oils.

Vitamin complexes in creams are also welcome. But too aggressive anti-aging products should be avoided. You can get the opposite effect.


At this age, creams are already subject to increased requirements. Lifting effect is required, which means that the composition should include:

  • retinol;
  • snail mucin;
  • AHA acids;
  • peptides;
  • ceramides.

The care ritual should include all stages: cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing, sun protection.


Here you will have to fight for the youthfulness of the skin. You will need specific anti-aging creams, masks, serums. Care should be daily, and cosmetics should be of high quality. Welcome to the membership:

  • phytoestrogens;
  • photolipids;
  • mineral oils;
  • coenzyme Q10 and more.

The older a woman becomes, the more closely you should choose cosmetics. From the assortment of the Prostor.ua online store, you can choose an adequate set of tools that meets your individual needs. Choose your kit and prolong youth and beauty for years to come.


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