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29 March 2022 09: 37
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How to open a FOP in a war

This can be done both remotely and through the state registrar.

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How to open a FOP in a war

Under martial law, there are several ways to become an individual entrepreneur (FOP). To do this, you need a gadget with Internet access or paper documents and a little time.

With the application "Diya"

Currently, the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Formations, which was previously disabled to keep the data of Ukrainians safe, has started working again. Thanks to this, automatic registration of sole proprietors through "Diya" is again available. For this you need:

  • log in to the portal "Diya" here to register:;
  • fill out an online form;
  • check and confirm the data with an electronic signature.

After these steps, the application for opening a sole proprietorship will automatically enter the register of individual entrepreneurs, data processing will take no more than 2 minutes.

How to open a FOP in war conditions - photo 1

Through the state registrar

To do this:

  • fill out an application for state registration by an individual entrepreneur - form No. 10, which can be find by reference;
  • select the required KVEDs from list of types of economic activity;
  • submit documents: application and a copy of the passport. The statement can be picked up the next day, and with its help it will be possible to issue an invoice and an electronic key;
  • apply. To do this, you must also buy and number the income book and submit it, along with the application and registration of the book, to the state registrar or to the tax office.

How to open a FOP in war conditions - photo 2

How to open a FOP in war conditions - photo 3

Earlier we wrote about how evacuation of business during the war works and for whom it is not suitable, and - on the simplification of the taxation system to war for business.

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