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25 January 2022 10: 30
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Kadyrov reiterated his readiness to "take back Ukraine and put things in order." Why is he doing this?

There are different versions of the purpose for which officials make such statements.

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Kadyrov reiterated his readiness to "take back Ukraine and put things in order." Why is he doing this?

Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov once again spoke about Ukraine in an aggressive tone. The Chechen leader said that Russia should decide the fate of the Ukrainian state, because this is the business of the "Slavic peoples." As for him personally, in Putin's place, he would have seized Ukraine long ago in order to "put things in order there." Relevant statements by Kadyrov did live on Instagram, hosted by the Chairman of the Chechen Parliament Magomed Daudov.

So, both politicians spent a 40-minute live broadcast on the social network. Among other issues that were discussed, they again started talking about Ukraine.

Kadyrov said that the fate of our country has the right to decide exclusively Russia. Ukraine and even the United States do not have such a right. This is because the Russian Federation is the "closest Slavic neighbor" of the Ukrainian state, and Washington "does not wish Ukraine anything good." In Kyiv, "crazy corrupt people" are in power, the Chechen leader is convinced.

"But what, Russia should yield to Western countries that are 9 thousand kilometers away - between Ukraine and America? And the closest neighbor of Ukraine is Russia, these are the Slavic peoples. And here I am, if I were in the place of the president, I would have taken Ukraine, I would send troops there, I would put things in order"- said the head of Chechnya.

At the same time, he focused on the fact that the United States does not bring anything good to Ukraine. Their main goal is anti-Russian propaganda and military bases against the Russian Federation. According to the Chechen leader, the Ukrainians themselves should oppose this. If this does not happen, then Russia should step in and protect its security in any way. As an analogy, Kadyrov cited Russia's entry into the military conflict in Syria, which took place in 2015.

Finally, the head of Chechnya again called himself "Putin's infantryman", and also stated that he owed his life to him. Therefore, if there is an order, Kadyrov is ready to carry it out, the Chechen leader summed up.


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Recall that just a month ago, Kadyrov also spoke about Ukraine. In particular, the head of Chechnya came up with an original idea - to "attach" the Ukrainian state to the Chechen Republic.

Why does Kadyrov make such statements? There are several versions. One of them says that "what is on Putin's mind is on Kadyrov's tongue." Allegedly, it is through the head of Chechnya, known for his sharp words and tough temper, that the Kremlin, as it were, “leaks” certain theses by which one can judge his plans for foreign policy and aggressive aspirations. The second version is that Kadyrov and his militant rhetoric are needed to intimidate and raise the stakes in the negotiation process, but in reality, of course, no one in their right mind will annex Ukraine to Chechnya - all the more, this is impossible purely geographically. Finally, the third version, which at the same time is the simplest and most obvious: Kadyrov is really a straightforward person and simply says what he thinks, without thinking about what consequences, including political ones, such statements can have.

We previously told how Kadyrov proposed to "attach Ukraine to Chechnya."

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