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02 November 2021 15: 43
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Beating of a teacher in the Dnieper: the second side of the conflict claims that the teacher is lying. All versions of what happened

Sixth grader's mother says teacher has been bullying her son since second grade

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Beating of a teacher in the Dnieper: the second side of the conflict claims that the teacher is lying. All versions of what happened

This morning, November 2, Klymenko Time wrote about a horrifying story that happened to a 56-year-old teacher in Dnipro. According to media reports, the mother of one of the students came to her school with her eldest son and started kicking her. As a result, the teacher reported the incident to the police. According to the director of the educational institution, the woman threatened to kill the teacher.

At the same time, the student's mother assures that no one touched the teacher with a finger, transmits "Reviewer". The woman says that the teacher was bullying her son and called him a "bastard" that day.

What they say at school

Recall that the incident occurred on November 1 between a math teacher and the mother of a sixth grade student. The latter came to school with her eldest son to sort things out.

According to the teacher herself, the guest used foul language, and later, together with her son, beat her with her feet. She claims that this happened in front of other students. The woman also added that she had bruises on her body. After the scandal, she still went to work, but refused to talk to the camera.

Information on this day was also provided by the director of the school Lyubov Rudnik. She stated that the mother with her child pushed the guard away and went up to the third floor.

According to Rudnik, the woman “threatened, shouted that I would kill you, break your arms and legs.”

She jumped up and started kicking her. And her adult son continued this beating. It happened in front of the children - shared the director.

In addition, she told the media that the students tried to help their teacher, but she sent them to the classroom. According to Rudnik, the son of the attacker was on the phone and getting his classmates. As a result, the teacher simply dropped the child off. The director is sure that it was these actions that angered the student's mother.

The school nurse claims that after a loud quarrel, the teacher's blood pressure rose. Moreover, she noted that the woman has several bruises and abrasions.

What the student's mother says

However, there is another version of what happened, which was voiced to the media by Victoria Matyakh, the mother of a sixth grader. According to the woman, the math teacher has been poisoning her son since the second grade.

She also added that after the lesson, her son wrote her a message, which was about bullying by the teacher. The student claimed that the teacher turned the children against him because he laughed.

- She said: "I don't want to see you as bastards as he is, don't hang out with him" - explained the mother.

In addition, Matyakh assures that no one beat the teacher, they only wanted to talk to her about bullying.

- But she started screaming that I was crazy, that I was raising my children wrong, that I was an alcoholic and a drug addict, although I play sports, do not drink or smoke. It’s not normal for me when a woman, and even more so a teacher, raise their legs or arms, - said the woman.

According to Matyakh, the teacher began to hysteria and find fault with her child, and the teacher also said that she did not like the boy's family. After these words, the woman ran into the classroom and immediately returned screaming that she had been beaten, the mother of a sixth grader claims.

- I was offered to "hush up" the case, but I said that I would only communicate with journalists, because I want to make the case public ... I, as a mother, come and protect my children. And frankly, I don't care who will be against my children. Because they set up the whole schoolshe summed up.

Remember that the history teacher Mariana Batyuk, who was fired from School No. 100 more than three years ago for quoting Hitler on Facebook, tried to be reinstated and filed a lawsuit against the directorate of the educational institution.

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