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02 July 2021 11: 49
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From press secretary to writers: Mendel wrote a book about her former "boss" Zelensky

The ex-press secretary announced that the book will contain insiders

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From press secretary to writers: Mendel wrote a book about her former "boss" Zelensky

Julia Mendelwho resigned as press secretary President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky decided to try herself as a writer and announced the release of her book.

She reported this in Facebook.

“What do you think the name of the book will be? Hint: a very famous aphorism in modern politics, "- Mendel captioned her photo.

Apparently, she still has a certain penchant for masochism and cannot live without the haters she got used to while working with Vladimir Zelensky. Such an intriguing wording, predictably, caused a flurry of negativity in the comments.

Sophisticating over the options for the name, the commentators recalled to the former press secretary both all her mistakes and the mistakes of her "boss". In our country, just give people food for imagination, then you won’t stop, so there were jokes about "the sixth brownie bear", alleged pregnancy Mendel and pro "50 shades" of delicate correspondence on dating sites "servants of the people" Bohdan Yarmenko.

Yes, and Mendel's photo was somewhat provocative: a seductive pose, a coquettishly raised leg and a dressing room mirror - either just for beauty, or with a hint of the main activity of President Zelensky.

Later, in the comments to reporters, she said some details about his, presumably, "bestseller", promising that there will be insiders about Ukrainian politics and the work of Mendel with Zelensky, as well as, attention, ... "about the self-identification of Ukrainians as a nation."

Where is Mendel, and where is self-identification, it is still difficult to say, apparently, we will have to wait for the release of the memoirs of the ex-presidential speaker.

Ранее Klymenko Time wrote that, despite official reports, the real reason for Julia Mendel's departure from the post of press secretary remained unknown. It is also unknown whether she herself left because she was tired of bearing the burden of this position, or she was nevertheless “left”, given the numerous punctures and blunders in her work, which became the subject of ridicule and memes.

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