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07 May 2021 16: 34
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The Institute of National Memory came up with a manual for celebrating Victory Day - and again pierced

It seems that UINP employees simply do not know the latest world history

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The Institute of National Memory came up with a manual for celebrating Victory Day - and again pierced

The Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance has developed a manual for celebrating May 9th. True, it did not take into account banal historical facts. About it сообщил Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Edward Dolinsky on your Facebook.

Representatives of the Institute of National Remembrance have created a special methodological material dedicated to May 9 holiday, and sent it to various media. The "temnik" tells how to correctly interpret the events of 1941-1945, and especially the role of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in them.

According to Eduard Dolinsky, in the training manual from Winp it is said that the UPA fought against the Nazi troops as a united front. The number of those resisting the Nazi regime is also indicated - 100 thousand fighters. It is alleged that they all fought as part of the anti-Hitler coalition.

The material from the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory lists the number of Ukrainians who fought against the Nazi troops in various armies of the world. Thus, according to the UINP, 45 Ukrainians fought in the armed forces of Britain and Canada, 120 Ukrainians fought in the Polish army, 80 in the American troops, 6 in the French, and 100 in the UPA. More than 7 million fought in the Red Army of the USSR.

“Ukrainians fought on the side of the United Nations… together more than 7 million people”, says the Institute's document.

The Ukrainian Institute of National Memory sent out a manual on how to celebrate Victory Day. It says that "the 100th UPA...

Submitted by Eduard dolinsky Friday, May 7, 2021

It should be noted that in this case it is not entirely clear what is meant by "united nations". If we are talking about the UN, then in this case, the UINP showed an amazing level of historical ignorance. The fact is that the United Nations, on the side of which millions of Ukrainians allegedly fought, was created only in 1945. As they say, "a mistake came out."

We also recall that the exact number of UPA troops is still unknown. Moreover, it constantly changed depending on the year. In addition, it is known for certain that individual parts of the rebel army, focusing on various groups of influence, could fight each other. In any case, the figure of 100 thousand fighters who unanimously fought against Nazism is hard to believe, and this confirmed by documents. There are no doubts and facts UPA military operations against Soviet partisans and regular troops.

On the materials of the Institute of National Memory ironically reacted and a deputy from the Servant of the People Maxim Buzhansky. In his opinion, the UINP “modestly forgot to add” that in 1944 the UPA received weapons from the German army to fight against the Soviet troops.

“Agree, with this modest nuance, the feat looks a little different”, - ironically people's deputy.

Earlier we wrote about how preparing for the Victory Day in Kharkov. So, acting Mayor of the city Igor Terekhov named May 9 is a “holy day” and announced large-scale celebrations in honor of the victory over Nazism.

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