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03 July 2021 16: 58
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No insiders? Mendel read an excerpt from her book

It looks like the former press secretary of the president is haunted by the laurels of Harry Potter's mom

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No insiders? Mendel read an excerpt from her book

It hasn't even been two days since ex-Speaker of President Volodymyr Zelensky Yulia Mendel announced the release of her memoirs with insiders and details from the life of the Ukrainian politicians, as today she has already read out an excerpt from her creation.

Based on what we heard, we can conclude that to a greater extent the memoirs will be devoted to how hard it was for the “Ukrainian girl”, who all her life did nothing but struggle with her numerous complexes and “felt the taste of all the fears and limitations of life under the Russian Empire.

True, Mendel does not explain where and how she managed to feel all this, having been born in 1986. Apparently, to understand this, you will have to wait for the book to be released.

Well, statements about "insiders" seem to be a common PR move to somehow draw attention to their literary research.

The description for the video is also in the style of Mendel - many letters, of which only one is clear; in her work, the newly minted writer assigned herself the role of a negative hero.

“The key question that confronted me was that the truth is very diverse and often sobering. Whereas most non-fiction is written on the basis of ethics, diplomacy and, let's be frank, the author's desire to present himself in a positive way. But you can’t present the truth, which is sobering, while remaining a positive hero at the same time, ” wrote Mendel.

Rana Klymenko Time wrote that tinkering with options for the title of Julia Mendel's book, Facebook commentators recalled to the former press secretary both all her mistakes and the mistakes of her former "boss". There were no jokes about "the sixth brownie bear", alleged pregnancy Mendel and pro "50 shades" of delicate correspondence on dating sites "servants of the people" Bohdan Yarmenko.

Recall that despite official reports, the real reason for Julia Mendel's departure from the post of press secretary remained unknown. It is also unknown whether she herself left because she was tired of bearing the burden of this position, or she was nevertheless “left”, given the numerous punctures and blunders in her work, which became the subject of ridicule and memes.

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