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20 August 2022 11: 30
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“There is a war, but this is still Ukraine”: Ukrainians are afraid that they will be followed through “Diya” in order to be drafted into the army

The closer a possible new wave of mobilization is, the greater the fear of Ukrainians. And it is aggravated by corruption, bureaucracy and, possibly, geolocation tracking.

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There is a war going on, but this is still Ukraine: Ukrainians are afraid that they will be followed through Diya in order to be drafted into the army

Many Ukrainians fear the imminent tightening of mobilization conditions and restrictions. mass media singled out the main fears and situations that make life difficult for citizens. 

Geolocation tracking through "Diya"

One of the interlocutors of the publication reports that there are rumors that the government is going to use the digital service of public services "Diya" to track the location of potential recruits. 

“Some say that the government will use this application for mass mobilization, and then to accurately and immediately determine the location of conscripts ... Therefore, there is no chance of avoiding the draft,” says Alexei, the source. 

Bureaucracy and chaos

Another reason for the resentment of Ukrainians is the bureaucratic mess. Since the beginning of the war, the military registration and enlistment office has updated the database of conscripts so that, as stated in the public plane, only those who have combat experience can be recruited. However, since that time, the data of many "suitable" candidates have changed and now these people are beyond the reach of the military registration and enlistment office. 

And instead of them, younger guys and without combat experience are called up for military service. And this despite the fact that the General Staff clearly agreed - if possible, not to recruit men aged 18-27, since they have no experience in combat and are the most able-bodied population.


For several thousand dollars, you can negotiate with the border guard to leave Ukraine. You can also buy a fake medical certificate of unfitness for military service. That is, military conscription remains fertile ground for corruption. 

Earlier we reported that Alexei Reznikov told aboutwhat specialists are needed at the front and how the mobilization will proceed further.

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