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April 18 2022 16: 00
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“Both in sorrow and in joy”: the Ministry of Justice allowed Ukrainians to marry via Zoom

This possibility was introduced for the duration of martial law.

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“Both in sorrow and in joy”: the Ministry of Justice allowed Ukrainians to marry via Zoom

Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Valeria Kolomiets reportedthat in Ukraine it is now allowed to marry not only in the classical way - in the relevant state institutions - but also remotely, including through the Zoom video conferencing service.

This possibility was introduced for the duration of martial law, which will last at least until April 26.

“People who have expressed a desire can get married during the day. Marriage registration can take place in any body of the registry office in the territory where there are no hostilities. Under certain conditions, marriages can be registered both by employees of the registry office, and by the police and military. This is true for lovers on duty, they can be connected remotely via Zoom”, Kolomiets said.

Almost 22 Ukrainian couples have been married since the start of the full-scale war, more than usual. The number of those wishing to marry has increased, and this is due, in particular, to martial law.

Who exactly can get married remotely?

For marriage, it is not necessary that the future spouses must be physically together; marriage can be formalized remotely. This is done for those women and men who are serving and want to marry their soulmate. Plus, this applies to persons who, due to military service, could end up in the hospital. It is also possible to get married in the hospital. In order to marry remotely, they must submit an application to the commander that they wish to marry remotely.

How is the procedure for remote registration of marriage?

The commander confirms the submitted application, and there are already two options:

  • Or this application is sent to the registry office where the bride or groom is located, who can come to this body to carry out the procedure.
  • Or the commander can remotely draw up a marriage registration act himself and submit it to the registry office, which will later register it. Moreover, a person who is not in a military unit can be connected remotely. And even both of the pair can be connected remotely, just via Zoom.

What are the possible problems with remote marriage registration?

The original of these documents is received by any nearest registry office. And already the registry office performs legal registration, performs all actions and enters into the registers.

“We are simulating the worst situation, when this marriage act simply does not reach the registry office for one reason or another. I think that in this case, the only way to prove that this legal action was carried out and that information needs to be entered into the register is through the court, through the fact-finding procedure. I don't think it's a huge problem, we have mechanisms by which people can prove that this was done on that number." Kolomiets said.

Newborns can also be registered in areas where there is no active fighting. Young parents can apply either to the registry office or to the TsNAP.

If the child is healthy, alive, it does not matter when he receives a birth certificate. The only thing that should be a medical birth certificate, on the basis of which this registration is carried out.

“I understand that in the current conditions there are cases when such a certificate will not be issued. Then, again, you will have to go through the court according to the procedure for establishing the fact of birth. A person cannot just bring a child to the issuing authority and say: "Here is my child, I gave birth to him a week ago." Procedures must be followed"- says the Deputy Minister of Justice.

Is it possible to get a divorce in a war?

Most divorces go through the courts. Where technically possible, people are not restricted to apply. Where it is possible to do this through the registry office, it is also possible to submit an appropriate application.

It is necessary to apply to the court in your territory (at the place of registration - ed.). But now the Supreme Court is endowed with the ability to change the jurisdiction of certain courts, when it is clear that due to military aggression and hostilities, one or another court cannot administer justice. Therefore, for example, a person cannot apply to a court in Mariupol, but to a court that is defined as hearing cases that should be heard in Mariupol, he can.

Earlier, we talked about what rights and benefits the military has.

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