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25 October 2022 10: 00
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The worst winter in the history of Ukraine: the head of Naftogaz Vitrenko said that in winter there may be neither light nor heating

Also, all oil refineries were destroyed in the country.

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The worst winter in the history of Ukraine: the head of Naftogaz Vitrenko said that in winter there may be neither light nor heating

The coming winter will be the worst in Ukraine's history due to severe power outages and heating problems. About it said Head of Neftegaz Yuri Vitrenko in an interview with the German edition of Handelsblatt.

“This will be the worst winter in our history. expected constant power outages and problems with heating. We are preparing for it, but of course it's not 100%," - he said.

According to Vitrenko, about 40% of energy infrastructure facilities have already been destroyed in the country (last week, before Saturday shelling, the president announced a figure of 30%). In this regard, Vitrenko added that the country needs the help of partners.

“We have to turn off the electricity again and again and try to restore everything as quickly as possible. Besides, all oil refineries destroyed»he described the situation.

At the same time, Vitrenko stated that the situation in the gas sector is also difficult, but much better.

“Recently, Russia has repeatedly attacked the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, which led to power outages in large parts of the country. In the gas sector, Naftogaz managed to maintain an almost pre-war level. But production continues to be hit. Numerous employees have already died - not only because they fought at the front, but also in their workplaces.- he said.

The president spoke about the same problems Vladimir Zelensky in his evening video message.

“We have no right to relax, we still have to go the way to the Ukrainian victory. And it's a difficult path get through this winter, which will be the most difficult in our history, to do the necessary work in the fall, winter and spring in order to have the results the state needs”Said the president.

Recall that since October 10, after an explosion occurred on the Crimean bridge as a result of sabotage, Russia began to very actively shell the energy infrastructure of Ukraine. on some days even more than 30 missiles were fired across the country. This led to the fact that in many cities of the country electricity, water and communications were lost, and later, as part of repairs and saving electricity, Ukrenergo carried out rolling and stabilizing blackouts.

Ukrainians are urged to consume electricity carefully. In addition, cities began turn on the heating to save electricity – so that people do not turn on the heaters. So, for example, Kyiv is promised to be fully heated by the end of this week.

Also recall that Ukraine requested Lend-Lease gas supplies for the successful passage of the winter, but the US ignored this request. At the same time, by statement the prime minister Denis Shmygal, about the gas Ukrainians can not worry.

"Now we have there are about 14,2 billion cubic meters of gas in gas storages, and this is absolutely enough to get through this winter stably», he said. Thus, additional gas imports may be needed only in case of shelling of the gas infrastructure.

We also wrote that, according to Shmyhal, Ukrainians may be left without pensions and salariesand told what stocks of products should Ukrainians make in the conditions of their constant rise in price.

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