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14 September 2022 16: 00
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Cold is not far off: will Ukraine have enough coal and what will happen to electricity?

What to do in case of a total blackout?

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Cold is not far off: will Ukraine have enough coal and what will happen to electricity?

A number of Ukrainians in the coming winter may face a shortage of electricity. This was stated by the representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dusarrick, transmits press service of the UN Secretary General. He noted that the UN, for its part, is making efforts to mitigate the possible consequences.

“With regard to winter, we are of course concerned about problems with access to energy for a large number of households, which will lead to devastating consequences. Therefore, we are working with the Ukrainian authorities to support wintering and community protection programs, as well as in any areas that will help mitigate the consequences.”Dujarric said.

The operator of the United Energy System of Ukraine, the state company NEK Ukrenergo, is preparation of backup power supply routes in case of attacks on the energy infrastructure. This was stated at a briefing by the chairman of the board of NPC Ukrenergo Vladimir Kudritsky.

“We are preparing for any scenarios, we are preparing backup power lines and an emergency supply. We are preparing our people and emergency repair teams that will maintain the networks around the clock, restore them so that all consumers have light in the house. Our task is to recover as quickly as possible after the attacks,” - he said.

Kudritsky stated that there will be no rolling blackouts without ZNPP. “The last two winters were very difficult, there was a lot of talk that there would be rolling blackouts. Managed to avoid it. As long as we are connected to the European energy system, therefore, if necessary, we will be able to receive assistance in the form of electricity supplies from the European energy system as well,” he assures.

In addition, the head of Ukrenergo notes that the export of electricity continues, and our country will be able to sell electricity even in winter. “If we lose some of the generations, then first of all we will reduce the volume of exports in order to balance the Ukrainian energy system so that our consumers have electricity”, he adds.

The season of coal accumulation is still going on, to the top heating season you need to have from 2 to 3 million tons of coal: «we will see a specific figure on October 15th. I think it will be more than the minimum threshold of 2 million tons.”

The head of Ukrenergo also notes that coal reserves are several times higher than last year:with coal is much better than last year. Consumption has decreased significantly, so this autumn-winter season we will burn less coal than in the past. The stock of coal this year exceeds last year's by several times. The situation is good."

What to do in case of a total blackout?

Center for strategic communications prepared an algorithm of actions in the event of a blackout in cities, villages and towns, as well as a few tips on how to prepare for a probable "blackout":

In the event of a power outage:

  • prepare a supply of water, food, medicines, batteries, flashlights, candles and matches;
  • to keep the heat in the room, seal the cracks in the windows and balcony doors, cover them with blankets;
  • buy a diesel or gasoline generator - it will allow you to turn on the electricity for a while.

How to stay connected:

  • If your carrier's connection goes down, you can connect to other carriers' networks.
  • To do this, go to "Settings", select the section "SIM cards", "mobile networks" or "cellular communications". Next, select the option "mobile network", "connection" or "select network" and turn off the automatic mode.
  • After that, a list of active networks will appear on the screen, one of them will need to be selected.
  • We add that you need to purchase a power bank or car charger for a mobile phone. If electricity disappears, this will allow for some time to have a connection with the world.

We previously wrote that in Ukraine, the export of coal from its own production is completely prohibited, and mines will be reopened in the EU.

We also talked about what stocks for the winter will definitely not be superfluous for Ukrainians.

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