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26 March 2022 19: 30
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Humanitarian aid: how to correctly arrange and transfer cargo in Ukraine and from other countries

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has simplified the rules for the import of humanitarian aid into the country as much as possible. 

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Humanitarian aid: how to correctly arrange and transfer cargo in Ukraine and from other countries

Thousands of people in Ukraine and other countries send humanitarian aid to Ukrainian cities. Despite the fact that the process of transporting humanitarian aid has been simplified as much as possible, there are several nuances in order to correctly issue parcels that travel to Ukraine from abroad, as well as a certain process of transporting humanitarian aid through the cities of Ukraine.

How to send humanitarian aid from other countries

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has simplified the rules for the import of humanitarian aid into the country as much as possible. For the import of goods, only one document is needed - a declaration. It is necessary to indicate the sender, recipient, actual place of unloading, type of assistance. The form to be filled out can be downloaded from official website of the Ministry of Veterans.

Как сообщает lawyer Anastasia Yukhimenko, the simplification in the rules for the import of humanitarian aid is as follows:

  • when importing humanitarian aid into the territory of Ukraine, it is not necessary to obtain a separate decision on recognizing the cargo as humanitarian aid;
  • the recipient does not have to be included in the Unified Register of Humanitarian Aid Recipients;
  • the pass occurs without the application of measures of non-tariff regulation of foreign economic activity;
  • customs and border services ensure the immediate passage of humanitarian aid across the State Border of Ukraine.

When crossing the border, the declarant (driver) fills in the declaration “On the list of goods recognized as humanitarian aid”. This document is given to customs representatives. The declaration must include:

  • Name and surname;
  • Mark and number of the vehicle;
  • Recipient;
  • List of goods with quantity and volume;
  • The actual place of unloading of the cargo.

For all questions about the transportation of humanitarian cargo and filling out the declaration, drivers can contact the telephone line at: (097) 313-79-36.

Full instructions on how to donate humanitarian aid:

  • Form a humanitarian cargo abroad, grouping it into separate groups of goods (food, medicines, household items, personal hygiene items, etc.) and form a list of them.
  • Collect shipping documents for the cargo (if any) and hand it over to the person who will accompany the movement of this product across the border (driver).
  • At the checkpoint at the state border, the person transporting this product (accompanying the cargo to the destination) must declare the goods being transported by groups of goods in the prescribed form and, together with the available shipping documents, provide it to the customs official.
  • The declaration of goods being transported should be carried out separately for each vehicle by which humanitarian aid goods will be delivered to their destination.
  • After completing customs clearance and passing the vehicle, deliver humanitarian aid goods to their destination.

Also Meest humanitarian mail is ready принимать help from everyone and transfer it to Ukraine. To organize the sending of humanitarian aid, you should contact one of the representative offices in the USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Greece, Great Britain, Germany or France.

How to send humanitarian aid to another city in Ukraine

Ukrzaliznytsia offers transportation of humanitarian aid. It can be sent by passenger train wherever they run. To do this, you need to apply through the hotline at the following numbers:

  • 0 800 503 222
  • 044 465 03 87

It is also necessary to indicate the characteristics of the consignment being sent. This could be the following help:

  • medicines (priority);
  • hygiene products (priority);
  • bottled water (priority);
  • long-term storage food (priority);
  • baby products and diapers;
  • clothes and shoes;
  • sleeping bags and mats.

It's also important to know:

  • the weight of humanitarian aid so that the operator can determine which train is best to send it - passenger or freight - and which station you should arrive at;
  • the application number with the name, destination and contacts of the person who will pick up the "humanitarian aid" must be marked on the cargo. This will make it possible to track and find the cargo at the destination;
  • the package must be securely packed. "Ukrzaliznytsia" reserves the right to check the shipped cargo.

If the volume of humanitarian aid is very large, it can be sent by freight car at the stations in Lyuboml, Yagodina, Mostiska-2, Sambor, Sknilov, Kovel, Rivne, Kleparov, Mukachevo, Chernivtsi, Khriplin, Batevo, Chop. More information can be found at official website.

In addition, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky announced the creation special site, through which anyone can provide humanitarian assistance. On the site you can find out how to buy, how to send and to whom to address humanitarian cargo.

Previously, we have published useful resources, where Ukrainians can get humanitarian aid.

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